KColorMimeData Namespace Reference


KGUIADDONS_EXPORT bool canDecode (const QMimeData *mimeData)
KGUIADDONS_EXPORT QDragcreateDrag (const QColor &color, QObject *dragsource)
KGUIADDONS_EXPORT QColor fromMimeData (const QMimeData *mimeData)
KGUIADDONS_EXPORT void populateMimeData (QMimeData *mimeData, const QColor &color)

Detailed Description

Drag-and-drop and clipboard mimedata manipulation for QColor objects.

The according MIME type is set to application/x-color.

See the Qt drag'n'drop documentation.

Function Documentation

◆ canDecode()

bool KColorMimeData::canDecode ( const QMimeData * mimeData)

Returns true if the MIME data mimeData contains a color object.

First checks for application/x-color and if that fails, for a text/plain entry, which represents a color in the format #hexnumbers

Definition at line 21 of file kcolormimedata.cpp.

◆ createDrag()

QDrag * KColorMimeData::createDrag ( const QColor & color,
QObject * dragsource )

Creates a color drag object.

Either you have to start this drag or delete it The drag object's mime data has the application/x-color and text/plain type set and a pixmap filled with the specified color, which is going to be displayed next to the mouse cursor

Definition at line 46 of file kcolormimedata.cpp.

◆ fromMimeData()

QColor KColorMimeData::fromMimeData ( const QMimeData * mimeData)

Decodes the MIME data mimeData and returns the resulting color.

First tries application/x-color and if that fails, a text/plain entry, which represents a color in the format #hexnumbers. If this fails too, an invalid QColor object is returned, use QColor::isValid() to test it.

Definition at line 35 of file kcolormimedata.cpp.

◆ populateMimeData()

void KColorMimeData::populateMimeData ( QMimeData * mimeData,
const QColor & color )

Sets the color and text representation fields for the specified color in the mimedata object: application/x-color and text/plain types are set.

Definition at line 15 of file kcolormimedata.cpp.

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