Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CKColorSchemeWatcherInformation about system-wide color preferences
 CKCountryFlagEmojiIconEngineProvides emoji flags as icons This is a special icon engine that internally paints flags using emoji fonts
 CKCursorSaverClass to temporarily set a mouse cursor and restore the previous one on destruction
 CKDateValidatorValidates user-entered dates
 CKKeySequenceRecorderRecord a QKeySequence by listening to key events in a window
 CKLocalImageCacheImplementationYou are not supposed to use this class directly, use KImageCache instead
 CKModifierKeyInfoGet information about the state of the keyboard's modifier keys
 CKSharedPixmapCacheMixinA simple wrapping layer over KSharedDataCache to support caching images and pixmaps
 CKSystemClipboardThis class mimics QClipboard but unlike QClipboard it will continue to get updates even when our window does not have focus
 CKWordWrapWord-wrap algorithm that takes into account beautifulness ;)
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