KDE GUI Addons

Utilities for graphical user interfaces


The &KDE GUI addons provide utilities for graphical user interfaces in the areas of colors, fonts, text, images, keyboard input.


To use KGuiAddons, you'll want to look for it using

1 find_package(KF5GuiAddons)

or its QMake counterpart.

Color utilities

The KColorUtils namespace contains various small utilities to work with colors. KColorCollection provides handling of color collections ("pallettes"). KColorMimeData adds drag-and-drop and clipboard mimedata manipulation to QColor objects

Text utilities

KWordWrap is a special word wrapping algorithm that takes beauty into account. It can be used directly with QPainter or can return the wrapped text in a QString.

KDateValidator is a QValidator that validates user-entered dates.

KFontUtils::adaptFontSize() is a function that calculates the biggest font size (in points) that can be used to draw a text centered in a rectangle using word wrapping.

Keyboard utilities

KeySequenceRecorder is a utility that records a QKeySequence by listening to key events in a window. This can be used to let the user modify predefined keyboard shortcuts for example.

Icon utilities

KIconUtils contains functions to add overlays on top of a QIcon.

Cursor utilities

KCursorSaver is used to temporarily set a mouse cursor and restore the previous one on destruction.

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