KDE GUI Addons

Utilities for graphical user interfaces


The &KDE GUI addons provide utilities for graphical user interfaces in the areas of colors, fonts, text, images, keyboard input.


To use KGuiAddons, you'll want to look for it using


or its QMake counterpart.

Color utilities

The KColorUtils namespace contains various small utilities to work with colors. KColorCollection provides handling of color collections ("pallettes"). KColorMimeData adds drag-and-drop and clipboard mimedata manipulation to QColor objects

Text utilities

KWordWrap is a special word wrapping algorithm that takes beauty into account. It can be used directly with QPainter or can return the wrapped text in a QString.

KDateValidator is a QValidator that validates user-entered dates.

KFontUtils::adaptFontSize() is a function that calculates the biggest font size (in points) that can be used to draw a text centered in a rectangle using word wrapping.

Keyboard utilities

KKeySequenceRecorder is a utility that records a QKeySequence by listening to key events in a window. This can be used to let the user modify predefined keyboard shortcuts for example.

Icon utilities

KIconUtils contains functions to add overlays on top of a QIcon.

Cursor utilities

KCursorSaver is used to temporarily set a mouse cursor and restore the previous one on destruction.