KRecentDirs Namespace Reference


KIOFILEWIDGETS_EXPORT void add (const QString &fileClass, const QString &directory)
KIOFILEWIDGETS_EXPORT QString dir (const QString &fileClass)
KIOFILEWIDGETS_EXPORT QStringList list (const QString &fileClass)

Detailed Description

The goal of this namespace is to make sure that, when the user needs to specify a file via the file selection dialog, this dialog will start in the directory most likely to contain the desired files.

This works as follows: Each time the file selection dialog is shown, the programmer can specify a "file-class". The file-dialog will then start with the directory associated with this file-class. When the dialog closes, the directory currently shown in the file-dialog will be associated with the file-class.

A file-class can either start with ':' or with '::'. If it starts with a single ':' the file-class is specific to the current application. If the file-class starts with '::' it is global to all applications.

Since 5.96 the file-class '::' syntax is deprecated, for lack of usage.

Function Documentation

◆ add()

void KRecentDirs::add ( const QString fileClass,
const QString directory 

Associates directory with fileClass.


Definition at line 53 of file krecentdirs.cpp.

◆ dir()

QString KRecentDirs::dir ( const QString fileClass)

Returns the most recently used directory associated with this file-class.


Definition at line 47 of file krecentdirs.cpp.

◆ list()

QStringList KRecentDirs::list ( const QString fileClass)

Returns a list of directories associated with this file-class.

The most recently used directory is at the front of the list.


Definition at line 39 of file krecentdirs.cpp.

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