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 NKIOA namespace for KIO globals
 NSslUiUI methods for handling SSL errors
 CApplicationLauncherJobApplicationLauncherJob runs an application and watches it while running
 CAskUserActionInterfaceAllows a KIO::Job to prompt the user for a decision when e.g. copying directories/files and there is a conflict (e.g. a file with the same name already exists at the destination)
 CAuthInfoThis class is intended to make it easier to prompt for, cache and retrieve authorization information
 CBatchRenameJobA KIO job that renames multiple files in one go
 CChmodJobThis job changes permissions on a list of files or directories, optionally in a recursive manner
 CCommandLauncherJobCommandLauncherJob runs a command and watches it while running
 CCopyJobCopyJob is used to move, copy or symlink files and directories
 CDavJobThe transfer job pumps data into and/or out of a KIO worker
 CDeleteJobA more complex Job to delete files and directories
 CDeleteOrTrashJobThis job asks the user for confirmation to delete or move to Trash a list of URLs; or if the job is constructed with AskUserActionInterface::EmptyTrash, to empty the Trash
 CDesktopExecParserParses the Exec= line from a .desktop file, and process all the '%' placeholders, e.g. handling URLs vs local files
 CDirectorySizeJobComputes a directory size (similar to "du", but doesn't give the same results since we simply sum up the dir and file sizes, whereas du speaks disk blocks)
 CDndPopupMenuPluginBase class for drag and drop popup menus
 CDropJobA KIO job that handles dropping into a file-manager-like view
 CEmptyTrashJobA KIO job for emptying the trash
 CFavIconRequestJobFavIconRequestJob handles the retrieval of a favicon (either from the local cache or from the internet)
 CFileCopyJobThe FileCopyJob copies data from one place to another
 CFileJobThe file-job is an asynchronous version of normal file handling
 CFileSystemFreeSpaceJobA KIO job that retrieves the total and available size of a filesystem
 CFileUndoManagerFileUndoManager: makes it possible to undo kio jobs
 CUiInterfaceInterface for the gui handling of FileUndoManager
 CForwardingWorkerBaseThis class should be used as a base for KIO workers acting as a forwarder to other KIO workers
 CJobThe base class for all jobs
 CJobUiDelegateA UI delegate tuned to be used with KIO Jobs
 CJobUiDelegateExtensionAn abstract class defining interaction with users from KIO jobs:
 CJobUiDelegateFactoryA factory for creating job ui delegates
 CKUriFilterSearchProviderActionsThis class is a manager for web shortcuts
 CListJobA ListJob is allows you to get the get the content of a directory
 CMetaDataMetaData is a simple map of key/value strings
 CMimeTypeFinderJobMimeTypeFinderJob finds out the MIME type of a URL
 CMimetypeJobA MimetypeJob is a TransferJob that allows you to get the MIME type of a URL
 CMkdirJobA KIO job that creates a directory
 CMkpathJobA KIO job that creates a directory, after creating all parent directories necessary for this
 CNameFinderJobNameFinderJob finds a valid "New Folder" name
 COpenFileManagerWindowJobOpen a File Manager Window
 COpenOrExecuteFileInterfaceAllows OpenUrlJob to ask the user about how to handle various types of executable files, basically whether to run/execute the file, or in the case of text-based ones (shell scripts and .desktop files) open them as text
 COpenUrlJobOpenUrlJob finds out the right way to "open" a URL
 COpenWithCore class for open with style dialog handling
 COpenWithHandlerInterfaceAllows OpenUrlJob to prompt the user about which application to use to open URLs that do not have an associated application (via the "Open With" dialog)
 CPasteJobA KIO job that handles pasting the clipboard contents
 CPreviewJobKIO Job to get a thumbnail picture
 CRenameDialogThe dialog shown when a CopyJob realizes that a destination file already exists, and wants to offer the user with the choice to either Rename, Overwrite, Skip; this dialog is also used when a .part file exists and the user can choose to Resume a previous download
 CRenameFileDialogDialog for renaming a variable number of files
 CRestoreJobRestoreJob is used to restore files from the trash
 CSimpleJobA simple job (one url and one command)
 CSlaveBaseThere are two classes that specifies the protocol between application (job) and kioslave
 CSpecialJobA class that sends a special command to a KIO worker
 CStatJobA KIO job that retrieves information about a file or directory
 CStoredTransferJobStoredTransferJob is a TransferJob (for downloading or uploading data) that also stores a QByteArray with the data, making it simpler to use than the standard TransferJob
 CThumbnailCreatorBase class for thumbnail generator plugins
 CThumbnailResultEncapsulates the output of a thumbnail request
 CTransferJobThe transfer job pumps data into and/or out of a KIO worker
 CUDSEntryUniversal Directory Service
 CUntrustedProgramHandlerInterfaceAllows ApplicationLauncherJob to prompt the user about an untrusted executable or desktop file
 CWidgetsAskUserActionHandlerThis implements KIO::AskUserActionInterface
 CWorkerBaseWorkerBase is the class to use to implement a worker - simply inherit WorkerBase in your worker
 CWorkerConfigThis class manages the configuration for KIO workers based on protocol and host
 CWorkerResultThe result of a worker call When using the Result type always mark the function Q_REQUIRED_RESULT to enforce handling of the Result
 NKRecentDirsThe goal of this namespace is to make sure that, when the user needs to specify a file via the file selection dialog, this dialog will start in the directory most likely to contain the desired files
 NKUrlAuthorizedThe functions in this namespace allow actions to be restricted based on the URL they operate on (see the KAuthorized namespace in KConfig)
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