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 NKIOA namespace for KIO globals
 CFixHostUriFilterThis filter tries to automatically prepend www
 CKAbstractFileItemActionPluginBase class for KFileItemAction plugins
 CKAbstractViewAdapterInterface used by KFilePreviewGenerator to generate previews for files
 CKACLEncapsulates a POSIX Access Control List
 CKBuildSycocaProgressDialogProgress dialog while ksycoca is being rebuilt (by kbuildsycoca)
 CKCoreDirListerHelper class for the kiojob used to list and update a directory
 CKCoreUrlNavigatorObject that helps with keeping track of URLs in file-manager like interfaces
 CKDirListerSubclass of KCoreDirLister which uses QWidgets to show error messages and to associate jobs with windows
 CKDirModelA model for a KIO-based directory tree
 CKDirOperatorThis widget works as a network transparent filebrowser
 CKDirSortFilterProxyModelActs as proxy model for KDirModel to sort and filter KFileItems
 CKEMailClientLauncherJobKEMailClientLauncherJob starts a mail client in order to compose a new mail
 CKEncodingFileDialogProvides a user (and developer) friendly way to select files with support for choosing encoding
 CKFileKFile is a class which provides a namespace for some enumerated values associated with the kfile library
 CKFileCopyToMenuThis class adds "Copy To" and "Move To" submenus to a popupmenu
 CKFileCustomDialogThis class implement a custom file dialog
 CKFileFilterEncapsulates rules to filter a list of files
 CKFileFilterComboFile filter combo box
 CKFileItemA KFileItem is a generic class to handle a file, local or remote
 CKFileItemActionsThis class creates and handles the actions for a url (or urls) in a popupmenu
 CKFileItemDelegateKFileItemDelegate is intended to be used to provide a KDE file system view, when using one of the standard item views in Qt with KDirModel
 CKFileItemListList of KFileItems, which adds a few helper methods to QList<KFileItem>
 CKFileItemListPropertiesProvides information about the common properties of a group of KFileItem objects
 CKFilePlaceEditDialogA dialog that allows editing entries of a KFilePlacesModel
 CKFilePlacesModelThis class is a list view model
 CKFilePlacesViewThis class allows to display a KFilePlacesModel
 CKFilePreviewGeneratorGenerates previews for files of an item view
 CKFileWidgetFile selector widget
 CKImageFilePreviewImage preview widget for the file dialog
 CKMountPointInformation about mounted and unmounted disks
 CKNameAndUrlInputDialogDialog to ask for a name (e.g. filename) and a URL Basically a merge of KLineEditDlg and KUrlRequesterDlg ;)
 CKNewFileMenuThe 'Create New' submenu, for creating files using templates (e.g. "new HTML file") and directories
 CKNFSShareSimilar functionality like KFileShare, but works only for NFS and do not need any suid script
 CKOpenWithDialog"Open With" dialog box
 CKOverlayIconPluginBase class for overlay icon plugins
 CKPasswdServerClientInterface class for kpasswdserver
 CKPreviewWidgetBaseAbstract baseclass for all preview widgets which shall be used via KFileDialog::setPreviewWidget(const KPreviewWidgetBase *)
 CKPropertiesDialogThe main properties dialog class
 CKPropertiesDialogPluginA Plugin in the Properties dialog This is an abstract class
 CKProtocolInfoInformation about I/O (Internet, etc.) protocols supported by KDE
 CKProtocolManagerProvides information about I/O (Internet, etc.) settings chosen/set by the end user
 CKRecentDocumentManage the "Recent Document Menu" entries displayed by applications such as Kicker and Konqueror
 CKRemoteEncodingAllows encoding and decoding properly remote filenames into Unicode
 CKSambaShareThis class lists Samba user shares and monitors them for addition, update and removal
 CKSambaShareDataThis class represents a Samba user share
 CKShellCompletionThis class does shell-like completion of file names
 CKShortUriFilterThis is short URL filter class
 CKSslCertificateManagerCertificate manager
 CKSslCertificateRuleCertificate rule
 CKSslErrorUiDataThis class can hold all the necessary data from a QSslSocket or QNetworkReply to ask the user to continue connecting in the face of SSL errors
 CKSslInfoDialogKDE SSL Information Dialog
 CKTerminalLauncherJobKTerminalLauncherJob starts a terminal application, either for the user to use interactively, or to execute a command
 CKUriFilterKUriFilter applies a number of filters to a URI and returns a filtered version if any filter matches
 CKUriFilterDataThis class is a basic messaging class used to exchange filtering information between the filter plugins and the application requesting the filtering service
 CKUriFilterSearchProviderClass that holds information about a search provider
 CKUrlComboBoxThis combobox shows a number of recent URLs/directories, as well as some default directories
 CKUrlCompletionThis class does completion of URLs including user directories (~user) and environment variables
 CKUrlNavigatorWidget that allows to navigate through the paths of an URL
 CKUrlRequesterThis class is a widget showing a lineedit and a button, which invokes a filedialog
 CKUrlRequesterDialogDialog in which a user can enter a filename or url
 CLocalDomainUriFilterThis filter takes care of hostnames in the local search domain
 COrgKdeKSSLDInterfaceProxy class for interface org.kde.KSSLD
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