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#include <KIO/JobUiDelegate>

Inheritance diagram for KIO::JobUiDelegate:

Public Member Functions

 ~JobUiDelegate () override
bool askDeleteConfirmation (const QList< QUrl > &urls, DeletionType deletionType, ConfirmationType confirmationType) override
ClipboardUpdater * createClipboardUpdater (Job *job, ClipboardUpdaterMode mode) override
void setWindow (QWidget *window) override
void updateUrlInClipboard (const QUrl &src, const QUrl &dest) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KDialogJobUiDelegate
 KDialogJobUiDelegate (KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags, QWidget *window)
bool setJob (KJob *job) override
void updateUserTimestamp (unsigned long time)
unsigned long userTimestamp () const
QWidgetwindow () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void unregisterWindow (QWidget *window)

Protected Member Functions

 JobUiDelegate (KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags=AutoHandlingDisabled, QWidget *window=nullptr, const QList< QObject * > &ifaces={})
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension
 JobUiDelegateExtension ()
virtual ~JobUiDelegateExtension ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension
enum  ClipboardUpdaterMode { UpdateContent , OverwriteContent , RemoveContent }
enum  ConfirmationType { DefaultConfirmation , ForceConfirmation }
enum  DeletionType { Delete , Trash , EmptyTrash }

Detailed Description

A UI delegate tuned to be used with KIO Jobs.

Definition at line 39 of file jobuidelegate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ JobUiDelegate()

KIO::JobUiDelegate::JobUiDelegate ( KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags = AutoHandlingDisabled,
QWidget * window = nullptr,
const QList< QObject * > & ifaces = {} )

Constructs a new KIO Job UI delegate.

flagsallows to enable automatic error/warning handling
windowthe window associated with this delegate, see setWindow.
ifacesInterface instances such as OpenWithHandlerInterface to replace the default interfaces

Definition at line 319 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ ~JobUiDelegate()

KIO::JobUiDelegate::~JobUiDelegate ( )

Destroys the KIO Job UI delegate.

Member Function Documentation

◆ askDeleteConfirmation()

bool KIO::JobUiDelegate::askDeleteConfirmation ( const QList< QUrl > & urls,
DeletionType deletionType,
ConfirmationType confirmationType )

Ask for confirmation before deleting/trashing urls.

Note that this method is not called automatically by KIO jobs. It's the application's responsibility to ask the user for confirmation before calling KIO::del() or KIO::trash().

urlsthe urls about to be deleted/trashed
deletionTypethe type of deletion (Delete for real deletion, Trash otherwise)
confirmationsee ConfirmationType. Normally set to DefaultConfirmation. Note: the window passed to setWindow is used as the parent for the message box.
true if confirmed

Implements KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 178 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ createClipboardUpdater()

KIO::ClipboardUpdater * KIO::JobUiDelegate::createClipboardUpdater ( Job * job,
ClipboardUpdaterMode mode )

Creates a clipboard updater.

Reimplemented from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 304 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ setWindow()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::setWindow ( QWidget * window)

Associate this job with a window given by window.

windowthe window to associate to
See also

Reimplemented from KDialogJobUiDelegate.

Definition at line 153 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ unregisterWindow()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::unregisterWindow ( QWidget * window)

Unregister the given window from kded.

This is normally done automatically when the window is destroyed.

This method is useful for instance when keeping a hidden window around to make it faster to reuse later.


Definition at line 173 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ updateUrlInClipboard()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::updateUrlInClipboard ( const QUrl & src,
const QUrl & dest )

Update URL in clipboard, if present.

Reimplemented from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 312 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

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