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#include <KIO/JobUiDelegate>

Inheritance diagram for KIO::JobUiDelegate:

Public Member Functions

 JobUiDelegate ()
 JobUiDelegate (KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags, QWidget *window)
 ~JobUiDelegate () override
bool askDeleteConfirmation (const QList< QUrl > &urls, DeletionType deletionType, ConfirmationType confirmationType) override
SkipDialog_Result askSkip (KJob *job, KIO::SkipDialog_Options options, const QString &error_text) override
ClipboardUpdater * createClipboardUpdater (Job *job, ClipboardUpdaterMode mode) override
int requestMessageBox (MessageBoxType type, const QString &text, const QString &title, const QString &primaryActionText, const QString &secondaryActionText, const QString &primaryActionIconName=QString(), const QString &secondaryActionIconName=QString(), const QString &dontAskAgainName=QString(), const KIO::MetaData &metaData=KIO::MetaData()) override
void setWindow (QWidget *window) override
void updateUrlInClipboard (const QUrl &src, const QUrl &dest) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KDialogJobUiDelegate
 KDialogJobUiDelegate (KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags, QWidget *window)
bool setJob (KJob *job) override
void updateUserTimestamp (unsigned long time)
unsigned long userTimestamp () const
QWidgetwindow () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void unregisterWindow (QWidget *window)

Protected Types

enum  Version { V2 }

Protected Member Functions

 JobUiDelegate (Version version, KJobUiDelegate::Flags flags=AutoHandlingDisabled, QWidget *window=nullptr, const QList< QObject * > &ifaces={})
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension
 JobUiDelegateExtension ()
virtual ~JobUiDelegateExtension ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

RenameDialog_Result askFileRename (KJob *job, const QString &title, const QUrl &src, const QUrl &dest, KIO::RenameDialog_Options options, QString &newDest, KIO::filesize_t sizeSrc=KIO::filesize_t(-1), KIO::filesize_t sizeDest=KIO::filesize_t(-1), const QDateTime &ctimeSrc=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &ctimeDest=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &mtimeSrc=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &mtimeDest=QDateTime()) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension
enum  ClipboardUpdaterMode { UpdateContent, OverwriteContent, RemoveContent }
enum  ConfirmationType { DefaultConfirmation, ForceConfirmation }
enum  DeletionType { Delete, Trash, EmptyTrash }
enum  MessageBoxType {
  QuestionTwoActions = 1, WarningTwoActions = 2, WarningContinueCancel = 3, WarningTwoActionsCancel = 4,
  Information = 5, SSLMessageBox = 6, WarningContinueCancelDetailed = 10, QuestionYesNo = QuestionTwoActions,
  WarningYesNo = WarningTwoActions, WarningYesNoCancel = WarningTwoActionsCancel

Detailed Description

A UI delegate tuned to be used with KIO Jobs.

Definition at line 39 of file jobuidelegate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ JobUiDelegate() [1/3]

KIO::JobUiDelegate::JobUiDelegate ( )

Constructs a new KIO Job UI delegate.

Since 5.98, use KIO::createDefaultJobUiDelegate or versioned constructor instead

Definition at line 79 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ JobUiDelegate() [2/3]

KIO::JobUiDelegate::JobUiDelegate ( KJobUiDelegate::Flags  flags,
QWidget window 

Constructs a new KIO Job UI Delegate.

flagsallows to enable automatic error/warning handling
windowthe window associated with this delegate, see setWindow.
Since 5.98, use KIO::createDefaultJobUiDelegate or versioned constructor instead

Definition at line 161 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ JobUiDelegate() [3/3]

KIO::JobUiDelegate::JobUiDelegate ( Version  version,
KJobUiDelegate::Flags  flags = AutoHandlingDisabled,
QWidget window = nullptr,
const QList< QObject * > &  ifaces = {} 

Constructs a new KIO Job UI delegate.

versiondoes nothing purely here to disambiguate this constructor from the deprecated older constructors.
flagsallows to enable automatic error/warning handling
windowthe window associated with this delegate, see setWindow.
ifacesInterface instances such as OpenWithHandlerInterface to replace the default interfaces

Definition at line 498 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ ~JobUiDelegate()

KIO::JobUiDelegate::~JobUiDelegate ( )

Destroys the KIO Job UI delegate.

Member Function Documentation

◆ askDeleteConfirmation()

bool KIO::JobUiDelegate::askDeleteConfirmation ( const QList< QUrl > &  urls,
DeletionType  deletionType,
ConfirmationType  confirmationType 

Ask for confirmation before deleting/trashing urls.

Note that this method is not called automatically by KIO jobs. It's the application's responsibility to ask the user for confirmation before calling KIO::del() or KIO::trash().

urlsthe urls about to be deleted/trashed
deletionTypethe type of deletion (Delete for real deletion, Trash otherwise)
confirmationsee ConfirmationType. Normally set to DefaultConfirmation. Note: the window passed to setWindow is used as the parent for the message box.
true if confirmed

Implements KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 229 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ askSkip()

KIO::SkipDialog_Result KIO::JobUiDelegate::askSkip ( KJob job,
KIO::SkipDialog_Options  options,
const QString error_text 

See skipdialog.h

Implements KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 221 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ createClipboardUpdater()

KIO::ClipboardUpdater * KIO::JobUiDelegate::createClipboardUpdater ( Job job,
ClipboardUpdaterMode  mode 

Creates a clipboard updater.

Reimplemented from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 483 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ requestMessageBox()

int KIO::JobUiDelegate::requestMessageBox ( MessageBoxType  type,
const QString text,
const QString title,
const QString primaryActionText,
const QString secondaryActionText,
const QString primaryActionIconName = QString(),
const QString secondaryActionIconName = QString(),
const QString dontAskAgainName = QString(),
const KIO::MetaData metaData = KIO::MetaData() 

This function allows for the delegation user prompts from the KIO workers.

typethe desired type of message box.
textthe message shown to the user.
titlethe title of the message dialog box.
primaryActionTextthe text for the primary action button.
secondaryActionTextthe text for the secondary action button.
primaryActionIconNamethe icon shown on the primary action button.
secondaryActionIconNamethe icon shown on the secondary action button.
dontAskAgainNamethe name used to store result from 'Do not ask again' checkbox.
metaDataSSL information used by the SSLMessageBox. Since 5.66 this is also used for privilege operation details.

Implements KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 355 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ setWindow()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::setWindow ( QWidget window)

Associate this job with a window given by window.

windowthe window to associate to
See also

Reimplemented from KDialogJobUiDelegate.

Definition at line 168 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ unregisterWindow()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::unregisterWindow ( QWidget window)

Unregister the given window from kded.

This is normally done automatically when the window is destroyed.

This method is useful for instance when keeping a hidden window around to make it faster to reuse later.


Definition at line 188 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

◆ updateUrlInClipboard()

void KIO::JobUiDelegate::updateUrlInClipboard ( const QUrl src,
const QUrl dest 

Update URL in clipboard, if present.

Reimplemented from KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 491 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ askFileRename()

KIO::RenameDialog_Result KIO::JobUiDelegate::askFileRename ( KJob job,
const QString title,
const QUrl src,
const QUrl dest,
KIO::RenameDialog_Options  options,
QString newDest,
KIO::filesize_t  sizeSrc = KIO::filesize_t(-1),
KIO::filesize_t  sizeDest = KIO::filesize_t(-1),
const QDateTime ctimeSrc = QDateTime(),
const QDateTime ctimeDest = QDateTime(),
const QDateTime mtimeSrc = QDateTime(),
const QDateTime mtimeDest = QDateTime() 

Construct a modal, parent-less "rename" dialog, and return a result code, as well as the new dest. Much easier to use than the class RenameDialog directly.

titlethe title for the dialog box
srcthe URL of the file/dir we're trying to copy, as it's part of the text message
destthe URL of the destination file/dir, i.e. the one that already exists
optionsparameters for the dialog (which buttons to show...)
newDestPaththe new destination path, valid if R_RENAME was returned.
sizeSrcsize of source file
sizeDestsize of destination file
ctimeSrccreation time of source file
ctimeDestcreation time of destination file
mtimeSrcmodification time of source file
mtimeDestmodification time of destination file
the result

Implements KIO::JobUiDelegateExtension.

Definition at line 193 of file jobuidelegate.cpp.

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