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 CKNTLM::AuthThe NTLM Type 3 structure
 CKIO::AuthInfoThis class is intended to make it easier to prompt for, cache and retrieve authorization information
 CKIO::NetRC::AutoLoginContains auto login information
 CKNTLM::ChallengeThe NTLM Type 2 structure
 CKIO::CookieJarA KDE implementation of QNetworkCookieJar
 CKIO::DesktopExecParserParses the Exec= line from a .desktop file, and process all the '%' placeholders, e.g
 CKProtocolInfo::ExtraFieldDefinition of an extra field in the UDS entries, returned by a listDir operation
 CKIO::JobUiDelegateExtensionAn abstract class defining interaction with users from KIO jobs:
 CKIO::JobUiDelegateA UI delegate tuned to be used with KIO Jobs
 CKIO::JobUiDelegateFactoryA factory for creating job ui delegates
 CKACLEncapsulates a POSIX Access Control List
 CKCompletionBase [external]
 CKComboBox [external]
 CKDiskFreeSpaceInfoDetermine the space left on an arbitrary partition
 CKFileKFile is a class which provides a namespace for some enumerated values associated with the kfile library
 CKFileItemA KFileItem is a generic class to handle a file, local or remote
 CKFileItemListPropertiesProvides information about the common properties of a group of KFileItem objects
 CKNTLMKNTLM class implements the NTLM authentication protocol
 CKPasswdServerClientInterface class for kpasswdserver
 CKProtocolInfoInformation about I/O (Internet, etc.) protocols supported by KDE
 CKProtocolManagerProvides information about I/O (Internet, etc.) settings chosen/set by the end user
 CKRecentDocumentManage the "Recent Document Menu" entries displayed by applications such as Kicker and Konqueror
 CKRemoteEncodingAllows encoding and decoding properly remote filenames into Unicode
 CKSambaShareDataThis class represents a Samba user share
 CKSslCertificateManagerCertificate manager
 CKSslCertificateRuleCertificate rule
 CKSslCipherSSL Cipher
 CKSslErrorTo be replaced by QSslError
 CKSslErrorUiDataThis class can hold all the necessary data from a KTcpSocket to ask the user to continue connecting in the face of SSL errors
 CKSslKeySSL Key
 CKSSLSettingsKDE SSL Settings
 CKUriFilterKUriFilter applies a number of filters to a URI and returns a filtered version if any filter matches
 CKUriFilterDataThis class is a basic messaging class used to exchange filtering information between the filter plugins and the application requesting the filtering service
 CKUriFilterSearchProviderClass that holds information about a search provider
 CKUrlPixmapProviderImplementation of KPixmapProvider
 CKNTLM::NegotiateThe NTLM Type 1 structure
 CKIO::NetRCA Singleton class that provides access to passwords stored in .netrc files for automatic login purposes
 CQList< KFileItem > [external]
 CKFileItemListList of KFileItems, which adds a few helper methods to QList<KFileItem>
 CQList< Ptr > [external]
 CKMountPoint::ListList of mount points
 CQMap< QString, QString > [external]
 CKIO::MetaDataMetaData is a simple map of key/value strings
 CQObject [external]
 CKAbstractFileItemActionPluginBase class for KFileItemAction plugins
 CKAbstractViewAdapterInterface used by KFilePreviewGenerator to generate previews for files
 CKCompletion [external]
 CKCoreDirListerHelper class for the kiojob used to list and update a directory
 CKFileCopyToMenuThis class adds "Copy To" and "Move To" submenus to a popupmenu
 CKFileItemActionsThis class creates and handles the actions for a url (or urls) in a popupmenu
 CKFilePreviewGeneratorGenerates previews for files of an item view
 CKIO::AskUserActionInterfaceAllows a KIO::Job to prompt the user for a decision when e.g
 CKIO::DndPopupMenuPluginBase class for drag and drop popup menus
 CKIO::FileUndoManagerFileUndoManager: makes it possible to undo kio jobs
 CKIO::ForwardingSlaveBaseThis class should be used as a base for ioslaves acting as a forwarder to other ioslaves
 CKIO::KUriFilterSearchProviderActionsThis class is a manager for web shortcuts
 CKIO::OpenOrExecuteFileInterfaceAllows OpenUrlJob to ask the user about how to handle various types of executable files, basically whether to run/execute the file, or in the case of text-based ones (shell scripts and .desktop files) open them as text
 CKIO::OpenWithHandlerInterfaceAllows OpenUrlJob to prompt the user about which application to use to open URLs that do not have an associated application (via the "Open With" dialog)
 CKIO::SchedulerThe KIO::Scheduler manages io-slaves for the application
 CKIO::SlaveInterfaceThere are two classes that specifies the protocol between application ( KIO::Job) and kioslave
 CKIO::UntrustedProgramHandlerInterfaceAllows ApplicationLauncherJob to prompt the user about an untrusted executable or desktop file
 CKJob [external]
 CKJobUiDelegate [external]
 CKNFSShareSimilar functionality like KFileShare, but works only for NFS and do not need any suid script
 CKOverlayIconPluginBase class for overlay icon plugins
 CKPropertiesDialogPluginA Plugin in the Properties dialog This is an abstract class
 CKRunTo open files with their associated applications in KDE, use KRun
 CKSambaShareThis class lists Samba user shares and monitors them for addition, update and removal
 CKUriFilterPluginBase class for URI filter plugins
 CQAbstractItemDelegate [external]
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CQAction [external]
 CQDBusAbstractInterface [external]
 CQIODevice [external]
 CQNetworkAccessManager [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CKMountPointInformation about mounted and unmounted disks
 CSearchProviderRegistryMemory cache for search provider desktop files
 CKIO::SlaveBaseThere are two classes that specifies the protocol between application (job) and kioslave
 CKIO::ForwardingSlaveBaseThis class should be used as a base for ioslaves acting as a forwarder to other ioslaves
 CKIO::TCPSlaveBaseThere are two classes that specifies the protocol between application (job) and kioslave
 CThumbCreatorBase class for thumbnail generator plugins
 CKIO::UDSEntryUniversal Directory Service
 CKIO::FileUndoManager::UiInterfaceInterface for the gui handling of FileUndoManager
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