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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CKNTLM::AuthThe NTLM Type 3 structure
 CKIO::AuthInfoA two way messaging class for passing authentication information
 CKIO::NetRC::AutoLoginContains auto login information
 CKNTLM::ChallengeThe NTLM Type 2 structure
 CCookieJarA KDE implementation of QNetworkCookieJar
 CKProtocolInfo::ExtraFieldDefinition of an extra field in the UDS entries, returned by a listDir operation
 CKACLPOSIX ACL encapsulation
 CKCompletionBase [external]
 CKDialogJobUiDelegate [external]
 CKDiskFreeSpaceInfoDetermine the space left on an arbitrary partition
 CKFileFilterEncapsulates rules to filter a list of files
 CKFileItemListPropertiesProvides information about the common properties of a group of KFileItem objects
 CKNTLMKNTLM class implements the NTLM authentication protocol
 CKRemoteEncodingA class for handling remote filenames
 CKSslCertificateManagerCertificate manager
 CKSslCertificateRuleCertificate rule
 CKSslCipherSSL Cipher
 CKSslErrorTo be replaced by QSslError
 CKSslErrorUiDataThis class can hold all the necessary data from a KTcpSocket to ask the user to continue connecting in the face of SSL errors
 CKSslKeySSL Key
 CKSSLSettingsKDE SSL Settings
 CKUriFilterFilters the given input into a valid url whenever possible
 CKUriFilterDataA class for exchanging filtering information
 CKUrlPixmapProviderResolves pixmaps for URLs
 CKNTLM::NegotiateThe NTLM Type 1 structure
 CKIO::NetRCA Singleton class that provides access to passwords stored in .netrc files for automatic login purposes
 CQList< KFileItem > [external]
 CQList< Ptr > [external]
 CQMap< QString, QString > [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CSearchProviderRegistryMemory cache for search provider desktop files
 CKIO::ThumbnailResultEncapsulates the output of a thumbnail request
 CKIO::FileUndoManager::UiInterfaceInterface for the gui handling of FileUndoManager
 CKIO::WorkerResultThe result of a worker call When using the Result type always mark the function Q_REQUIRED_RESULT to enforce handling of the Result
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