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#include <KFile>

Public Types

enum  FileView {
  Default = 0, Simple = 1, Detail = 2, SeparateDirs = 4,
  PreviewContents = 8, PreviewInfo = 16, Tree = 32, DetailTree = 64,
  FileViewMax = 65536
enum  Mode {
  File = 1, Directory = 2, Files = 4, ExistingOnly = 8,
  LocalOnly = 16, ModeMax = 65536
typedef QFlags< ModeModes
enum  SelectionMode { Single = 1, Multi = 2, Extended = 4, NoSelection = 8 }

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isDefaultView (const FileView &view)
static bool isDetailTreeView (const FileView &view)
static bool isDetailView (const FileView &view)
static bool isPreviewContents (const FileView &view)
static bool isPreviewInfo (const FileView &view)
static bool isSeparateDirs (const FileView &view)
static bool isSimpleView (const FileView &view)
static bool isSortByDate (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isSortByName (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isSortBySize (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isSortByType (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isSortCaseInsensitive (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isSortDirsFirst (const QDir::SortFlags &sort)
static bool isTreeView (const FileView &view)

Detailed Description

KFile is a class which provides a namespace for some enumerated values associated with the kfile library. You will never need to construct a KFile object itself.

Definition at line 23 of file kfile.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Modes

typedef QFlags< Mode > KFile::Modes

Stores a combination of Mode values.

Definition at line 47 of file kfile.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Mode

Modes of operation for the dialog.

  • File - Get a single file name from the user.
  • Directory - Get a directory name from the user.
  • Files - Get multiple file names from the user.
  • ExistingOnly - Never return a filename which does not exist yet
  • LocalOnly - Don't return remote filenames
    See also

Definition at line 36 of file kfile.h.

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