KFileUtils Namespace Reference


KCOREADDONS_EXPORT QString makeSuggestedName (const QString &oldName)
KCOREADDONS_EXPORT QString suggestName (const QUrl &baseURL, const QString &oldName)

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A namespace for KFileUtils globals.

Function Documentation

QString KFileUtils::makeSuggestedName ( const QString oldName)

Given a string, "foo", representing a file/directory (which usually exists already), this function returns a suggested name for a file/directory in the form "foo (1)", "foo (2)" etc.

Unlike the suggestName() method, this function doesn't check if there is a file/directory with the newly suggested name; the idea being that this responsibility falls on the caller, e.g. one can use KIO::stat() to check asynchronously whether the new name already exists (in its parent directory) or not.


Definition at line 15 of file kfileutils.cpp.

QString KFileUtils::suggestName ( const QUrl baseURL,
const QString oldName 

Given a directory path and a string representing a file or directory (which usually exist already), this function returns a suggested name for a file/directory that doesn't exist in baseURL.

The suggested file name is of the form "foo (1)", "foo (2)" etc.

For local URLs, this function will check if there is already a file/directory with the new suggested name and will keep incrementing the number in the above format until it finds one that doesn't exist. Note that this function uses a blocking I/O call (using QFileInfo) to check the existence of the file/directory, this could be problematic for network mounts (e.g. SMB, NFS) as these are treated as local files by the upstream QFile code. An alternative is to use makeSuggestedName() and use KIO to stat the new file/directory in an asynchronous way.


Definition at line 55 of file kfileutils.cpp.

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