Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
 NKBackupProvides utility functions for backup of files
 NKCoreAddonsProvides utility functions for metadata about the KCoreAddons library
 NKFileSystemTypeProvides utility functions for the type of file systems
 NKFileUtilsA namespace for KFileUtils globals
 NKFuzzyMatcherThis namespace contains functions for fuzzy matching a list of strings against a pattern
 NKMacroExpanderA group of functions providing macro expansion (substitution) in strings, optionally with quoting appropriate for shell execution
 NKMessageDisplay an informative message using a KMessageHandler
 NKRandomHelper class to create random data
 NKShellEmulates some basic system shell functionality
 NKStringHandlerThis namespace contains utility functions for handling strings
 NKUrlMimeDataUtility functions for using URLs in QMimeData
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