Baloo Namespace Reference


class  DatabaseSanitizer
class  Document
class  DocumentDB
class  File
class  FileIndexerConfig
class  FileMetaDataProvider
class  IndexerConfig
class  MTimeDB
class  NewFileIndexer
class  PendingFile
class  PostingDB
class  PostingIterator
class  StorageDevices
class  TagWidget
class  UnIndexedFileIterator


QUrl canonicalizeTimelineUrl (const QUrl &url)
quint64 decodeFixed64 (const char *ptr)
QStringList defaultExcludeFilterList ()
int defaultExcludeFilterListVersion ()
QStringList defaultExcludeMimetypes ()
int defaultExcludeMimetypesVersion ()
quint64 devIdAndInodeToId (quint32 devId, quint32 inode)
static int encodeVarint32Internal (char *dst, quint32 v)
BALOO_ENGINE_EXPORT QString fileIndexDbPath ()
quint64 filePathToId (const QByteArray &filePath)
int filePathToStat (const QByteArray &filePath, QT_STATBUF &statBuf)
char * getDifferentialVarInt32 (char *p, char *limit, QVector< quint32 > *values)
char * getVarint32Ptr (char *p, char *limit, quint32 *value)
const char * getVarint32Ptr (const char *p, const char *limit, quint32 *v)
char * getVarint32PtrFallback (char *p, char *limit, quint32 *value)
BALOO_ENGINE_EXPORT Database * globalDatabaseInstance ()
quint32 idToDeviceId (quint64 id)
quint32 idToInode (quint64 id)
const KFileMetaData::PropertyMultiMap jsonToPropertyMap (const QJsonObject &properties)
Term operator! (const Term &rhs)
Term operator&& (const Term &lhs, const Term &rhs)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug d, const Baloo::EngineQuery &q)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, const Document &doc)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, const DocumentTimeDB::TimeInfo &time)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, const FileIndexerConfig::FolderCache::value_type &)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, const FileIndexerConfig::FolderConfig &entry)
QDebug operator<< (QDebug dbg, const PositionInfo &pos)
Term operator|| (const Term &lhs, const Term &rhs)
TimelineFolderType parseTimelineUrl (const QUrl &url, QDate *date, QString *filename=nullptr)
const QJsonObject propertyMapToJson (const KFileMetaData::PropertyMultiMap &properties)
void putDifferentialVarInt32 (QByteArray &temporaryStorage, QByteArray *dst, const QVector< quint32 > &values)
void putFixed64 (QByteArray *dst, quint64 value)
static void putVarint32Internal (char *dst, quint32 v, int &pos)
template<typename T , typename V >
void sortedIdInsert (T &vec, const V &id)
template<typename T , typename V >
void sortedIdRemove (T &vec, const V &id)
QStringList sourceCodeMimeTypes ()
quint64 statBufToId (const QT_STATBUF &stBuf)
BALOO_ENGINE_EXPORT QString stateString (IndexerState state)
BALOO_ENGINE_EXPORT QString stateString (int state)
int statWithFsid (const char *path, QT_STATBUF *statBuf)
char * toString (const EngineQuery &query)
char * toString (const Term &term)

Detailed Description

Implements storage for docIds without any associated data Instantiated for:

  • content indexing (files to be reindexed)
  • failed ids (files no indexable, e.g. due to crashing indexers)

Function Documentation

◆ canonicalizeTimelineUrl()

QUrl Baloo::canonicalizeTimelineUrl ( const QUrl url)

Remove any double slashes, remove any trailing slashes, and add an initial slash after the scheme.

◆ defaultExcludeFilterList()

QStringList Baloo::defaultExcludeFilterList ( )
A list of default exclude filters to be used in the filewatch service to ignore temporary files and folders that change a lot and as a basis for the user configurable exclude filters in the strigi service.

◆ defaultExcludeFilterListVersion()

int Baloo::defaultExcludeFilterListVersion ( )
The version of the default exclude filter list. This is increased whenever the list changes.

◆ parseTimelineUrl()

TimelineFolderType Baloo::parseTimelineUrl ( const QUrl url,
QDate date,
QString filename = nullptr 

Parse a timeline URL like timeline:/today and return the type of folder it represents.

If DayFolder is returned date is set to the date that should be listed. Otherwise it is an invalid date. filename is optionally set to the name of the file in the folder.

◆ sortedIdInsert()

template<typename T , typename V >
void Baloo::sortedIdInsert ( T &  vec,
const V &  id 

search with normal <

end reached or element found smaller? => insert new element!

Definition at line 99 of file idutils.h.

◆ statBufToId()

quint64 Baloo::statBufToId ( const QT_STATBUF &  stBuf)

Convert the QT_STATBUF into a 64 bit unique identifier for the file.

This identifier is combination of the device id and inode number.

Definition at line 37 of file idutils.h.

◆ toString() [1/2]

char* Baloo::toString ( const EngineQuery &  query)

Helper for QTest.

See also
: 5.70

Definition at line 98 of file enginequery.h.

◆ toString() [2/2]

char* Baloo::toString ( const Term &  term)

Helper for QTest.

See also
: 5.70

Definition at line 413 of file term.cpp.

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