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 CBaloo::CommandAn Abstract class from which all other balooctl commands can inherit from
 CBaloo::DatabaseSanitizerProvide methods to show database problems and sanitize them
 CBaloo::DocumentA document represents an indexed file to be stored in the Baloo engine
 CBaloo::DocumentDBImplements storage for a set of s for the given docId Instantiated for:
 CKFileMetaData::ExtractionResult [external]
 CResultThe result class is where all the data extracted by the KFileMetaData extractors is saved to
 CBaloo::FileProvides access to all File Metadata
 CBaloo::IndexerConfigThis class allows it to access the current config, to read and modify it
 CBaloo::MTimeDBThe MTime DB maps the file mtime to its id
 CBaloo::PendingFileRepresents a file which needs to be indexed
 CBaloo::PostingDBThe PostingDB is the main database that maps -> <id1> <id2> <id2> ... This is used to lookup ids when searching for a
 CBaloo::PostingIteratorA PostingIterator is an abstract base class which can be used to iterate over all the "postings" or "documents" which are particular term appears
 CQObject [external]
 CBaloo::FileIndexerConfigActive config class which emits signals if the config was changed, for example if the KCM saved the config file
 CBaloo::NewFileIndexerDoes not check the folder path or the mtime of the file
 CBaloo::Private::ControllerPipeBidirectional communication pipe
 CBaloo::StorageDevicesThe removable media cache media that are supported by Baloo
 CKInotifyA simple wrapper around inotify which only allows to add folders recursively
 CQRunnable [external]
 CBaloo::NewFileIndexerDoes not check the folder path or the mtime of the file
 CBaloo::QueryCentral class to query to search for files from the Index
 CBaloo::UnIndexedFileIteratorIterate over all the files (and directories) under a specific directory which require indexing
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