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#include <postingdb.h>

Public Types

enum  Comparator { LessEqual, GreaterEqual }

Public Member Functions

 PostingDB (MDB_dbi, MDB_txn *txn)
PostingIteratorcompIter (const QByteArray &prefix, const QByteArray &val, Comparator com)
PostingIteratorcompIter (const QByteArray &prefix, double val, Comparator com)
PostingIteratorcompIter (const QByteArray &prefix, qlonglong val, Comparator com)
template<typename T >
std::enable_if< std::is_integral< T >::value, PostingIterator * >::type compIter (const QByteArray &prefix, T val, Comparator com)
void del (const QByteArray &term)
QVector< QByteArrayfetchTermsStartingWith (const QByteArray &term)
PostingList get (const QByteArray &term)
PostingIteratoriter (const QByteArray &term)
PostingIteratorprefixIter (const QByteArray &term)
void put (const QByteArray &term, const PostingList &list)
PostingIteratorregexpIter (const QRegularExpression &regexp, const QByteArray &prefix)
QMap< QByteArray, PostingList > toTestMap () const

Static Public Member Functions

static MDB_dbi create (MDB_txn *txn)
static MDB_dbi open (MDB_txn *txn)

Detailed Description

The PostingDB is the main database that maps -> <id1> <id2> <id2> ...

This is used to lookup ids when searching for a .

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