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 CCommandAn Abstract class from which all other balooctl commands can inherit from
 CDatabaseSanitizerProvide methods to show database problems and sanitize them
 CDocumentA document represents an indexed file to be stored in the Baloo engine
 CFileProvides access to all File Metadata
 CFileIndexerConfigActive config class which emits signals if the config was changed, for example if the KCM saved the config file
 CMTimeDBThe MTime DB maps the file mtime to its id
 CNewFileIndexerDoes not check the folder path or the mtime of the file
 CPendingFileRepresents a file which needs to be indexed
 CPostingDBThe PostingDB is the main database that maps -> <id1> <id2> <id2> ..
 CPostingIteratorA PostingIterator is an abstract base class which can be used to iterate over all the "postings" or "documents" which are particular term appears
 CQueryCentral class to query to search for files from the Index
 CStorageDevicesThe removable media cache media that are supported by Baloo
 CUnIndexedFileIteratorIterate over all the files (and directories) under a specific directory which require indexing
 CKInotifyA simple wrapper around inotify which only allows to add folders recursively
 CResultThe result class is where all the data extracted by the KFileMetaData extractors is saved to
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