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 NKFuzzyMatcherThis namespace contains functions for fuzzy matching a list of strings against a pattern
 CRangeA range representing a matched sequence in a string
 CResultThe result of a fuzzy match
 CKProcessInfoContains information about a process
 NKSandboxUtility functions for use inside application sandboxes such as flatpak or snap
 CProcessContextContainer for host process startup context
 CKAboutComponentThis class is used to store information about a third party component
 CKAboutDataHolds information needed by the "About" box and other classes
 CKAboutLicenseThis class is used to store information about a license
 CKAboutPersonThis class is used to store information about a person or developer
 CKAutoSaveFileCreates and manages a temporary "auto-save" file. Autosave files are temporary files that applications use to store the unsaved data in a file they have open for editing. KAutoSaveFile allows you to easily create and manage such files, as well as to recover the unsaved data left over by a crashed or otherwise gone process
 CKdelibs4ConfigMigratorClass for migration of config files and ui file from kdelibs4
 CKdelibs4MigrationClass for migration of config files from kdelibs4
 CKDirWatchClass for watching directory and file changes
 CKFormatClass for formatting numbers and datetimes
 CKGroupIdA platform independent group ID
 CKListOpenFilesJobProvides information about processes that have open files in a given path or subdirectory of path
 CKMemoryInfoInterface to get memory information (RAM/SWAP)
 CKMessageHandlerAbstract class for KMessage handler. This class define how KMessage display a message
 CKOSReleaseThe OSRelease class parses /etc/os-release files
 CInheritanceCheckerThis is used to detect the arguments need for the constructor of metadata-less plugin classes
 CInheritanceWithMetaDataCheckerThis is used to detect the arguments need for the constructor of metadata-taking plugin classes
 CResultHolds the result of a plugin load operation, i.e
 CKPluginNameRepresents the name of a plugin intended for KPluginLoader
 CKSharedDataCacheA simple data cache which uses shared memory to quickly access data stored on disk
 CKSignalHandlerAllows getting ANSI C signals and forward them onto the Qt eventloop
 CKUserRepresents a user on your system
 CKUserGroupRepresents a group on your system
 CKUserIdA platform independent user ID
 CKUserOrGroupIdA platform independent user or group ID
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