KReportPageSize Namespace Reference


KREPORT_EXPORT QPageSize::PageSizeId defaultSize ()
KREPORT_EXPORT QStringList pageFormatKeys ()
KREPORT_EXPORT QStringList pageFormatNames ()
KREPORT_EXPORT QPageSize::PageSizeId pageSize (const QString &key)
KREPORT_EXPORT QString pageSizeKey (QPageSize::PageSizeId id)

Detailed Description

Handle the page sizes we support in reports.

A group of helper functions and definitions of the page sizes we support in KReport.

We don't support all the sizes supported by Qt, so here we provide a list of supported sizes and translatable descriptions, with helper functions to switch between QString and QPageSizeId

Function Documentation

QPageSize::PageSizeId KReportPageSize::defaultSize ( )
the default format (based on the default printer)

Definition at line 94 of file KReportPageSize.cpp.

QStringList KReportPageSize::pageFormatKeys ( )
list of non-translated names of all the available formats

Definition at line 85 of file KReportPageSize.cpp.

QStringList KReportPageSize::pageFormatNames ( )
list of translated names of all the available formats

Definition at line 76 of file KReportPageSize.cpp.

QPageSize::PageSizeId KReportPageSize::pageSize ( const QString key)
the page size Id for the given key

Definition at line 114 of file KReportPageSize.cpp.

QString KReportPageSize::pageSizeKey ( QPageSize::PageSizeId  id)
the page size string for the given Id

Definition at line 104 of file KReportPageSize.cpp.

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