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 NScriptingField item script interface
 CCheckBoxCheckbox item script interface
 CFieldField script interface
 CImageImage item script interface
 CLineLine item script interface
 CReportReport object user scripting API
 CTextText item script interface
 CBoundedTextItemSubclass of QGraphicsTextItem which simply forces its boundingRect to be the same as its parent
 CKReportAsyncItemBaseBase class for items that are drawn asyncronously due to unknown loading times
 CKReportDataSourceAbstraction of report data source
 CSortedFieldDescribes sorting for single field, By default the order is ascending
 CKReportDesignReport design in .kreport format
 CKReportDesignerThe ReportDesigner is the main widget for designing a report
 CKReportDesignerItemBaseBase class for report items used within the designer GUI
 CKReportDesignerItemRectBaseBase class for rectangular report items used within the designer GUI
 CKReportDesignerSectionThis class is the base to all Report Section's visual representation
 CKReportDesignerSectionDetailThe central detail section which contains the bulk of the report
 CKReportDesignerSectionDetailGroupA section group allows a header and footer to be used for a particular report field
 CKReportDesignReadingStatusThe KReportDesignReadStatus represents status of reading a report design in .kreport format
 CKReportDocumentTop level report document definition. A KReportDocment defines the design of a document, and is composed of multiple sections
 CKReportElementFunctional visual element of a report design
 CKReportGroupTrackerKeeps track of groups as the data for the group changes
 CKReportItemBaseBase class for items that are drawn syncronously
 CKReportLabelElementLabel element of a report design
 CKReportLineStyleLine style
 CKReportPageProvides a widget that renders a specific page of an ORODocument The widget is sized to the document size in pixels
 CKReportPluginInterfaceAn interface for plugins delivering KReport elements
 CKReportPluginManagerManager class for finding and loading available plugins
 CKReportPluginMetaDataInformation about a KReport plugin
 CKReportPreRendererTakes a report definition and prerenders the result to an ORODocument that can be used to pass to any number of renderers
 CKReportRendererBaseBase class for report renderers
 CKReportRendererFactoryFactory for creating renderers
 CKReportScriptConstantsHelper giving access to various scripting constants
 CKReportScriptDebugHelper for the scripting API to display user messages
 CKReportScriptDrawHelper giving access to drawing functions
 CKReportScriptSourceAbstraction of report script source
 CKReportSectionSection of a report design
 CKReportSectionDataKReportSectionData is used to store the information about a specific report section
 CKReportUnitConverts between different units
 CKReportViewProvides a simple widget for viewing a rendered report on screen
 COROCheckBoxDefines checkbox
 CORODocumentRepresents a single document containing one or more OROPage elements
 COROEllipseDefines an ellipse
 COROImageDefines an image. An image is a bitmap
 COROLineDefines a line with a width/weight
 COROPageRepresents a single page in a document and may contain zero or more OROPrimitive objects all of which represent some form of mark to be made on a page
 COROPictureDefines a picture. A picture is different to an image, in that it is drawn using commands
 COROPrimitiveRepresents the basic primitive with a position and type. Other primitives are subclasses with a defined type and any additional information they require to define that primitive
 CORORectDefines a rectangle
 COROSectionRepresents a single a single row in a document and may contain zero or more OROPrimitives
 COROTextBoxA text box primitive it defines a box region and text that will be rendered inside that region, it also contains information for font and positioning of the text
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