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OROTextBox Class Reference

#include <KReportRenderObjects.h>

Inheritance diagram for OROTextBox:

Public Member Functions

bool canGrow () const
OROPrimitiveclone () const override
int flags () const
KReportLineStyle lineStyle () const
bool requiresPostProcessing () const
void setCanGrow (bool grow)
void setFlags (int flags)
void setFont (const QFont &font)
void setLineStyle (const KReportLineStyle &)
void setRequiresPostProcessing (bool pp)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setTextStyle (const KReportTextStyleData &)
void setWordWrap (bool ww)
QString text () const
KReportTextStyleData textStyle () const
bool wordWrap () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OROPrimitive
OROPagepage ()
const OROPagepage () const
QPointF position () const
void setPage (OROPage *page)
void setPosition (const QPointF &pos)
void setSize (const QSizeF &s)
QSizeF size () const

Detailed Description

A text box primitive it defines a box region and text that will be rendered inside that region, it also contains information for font and positioning of the text.

Definition at line 263 of file KReportRenderObjects.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OROTextBox()

OROTextBox::OROTextBox ( )

Definition at line 498 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ ~OROTextBox()

OROTextBox::~OROTextBox ( )

Definition at line 503 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ canGrow()

bool OROTextBox::canGrow ( ) const

Definition at line 533 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ clone()

OROPrimitive * OROTextBox::clone ( ) const

Implements OROPrimitive.

Definition at line 583 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ flags()

int OROTextBox::flags ( ) const

Definition at line 538 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ lineStyle()

KReportLineStyle OROTextBox::lineStyle ( ) const

Definition at line 543 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ requiresPostProcessing()

bool OROTextBox::requiresPostProcessing ( ) const

Definition at line 548 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setCanGrow()

void OROTextBox::setCanGrow ( bool grow)

Definition at line 553 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setFlags()

void OROTextBox::setFlags ( int flags)

Definition at line 528 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setFont()

void OROTextBox::setFont ( const QFont & font)

Definition at line 523 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setLineStyle()

void OROTextBox::setLineStyle ( const KReportLineStyle & ls)

Definition at line 518 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setRequiresPostProcessing()

void OROTextBox::setRequiresPostProcessing ( bool pp)

Definition at line 558 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setText()

void OROTextBox::setText ( const QString & text)

Definition at line 508 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setTextStyle()

void OROTextBox::setTextStyle ( const KReportTextStyleData & ts)

Definition at line 513 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ setWordWrap()

void OROTextBox::setWordWrap ( bool ww)

Definition at line 563 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ text()

QString OROTextBox::text ( ) const

Definition at line 568 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ textStyle()

KReportTextStyleData OROTextBox::textStyle ( ) const

Definition at line 573 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

◆ wordWrap()

bool OROTextBox::wordWrap ( ) const

Definition at line 578 of file KReportRenderObjects.cpp.

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