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KReportDataSource Class Referenceabstract

#include <KReportDataSource.h>


class  SortedField

Public Member Functions

virtual void addCondition (const QString &field, const QVariant &value, const QString &relation=QLatin1String("="))
virtual qint64 at () const =0
virtual bool close ()=0
virtual KReportDataSourcecreate (const QString &source) const
virtual QString dataSourceCaption (const QString &dataSourceName) const
virtual QStringList dataSourceNames () const =0
virtual QStringList fieldKeys () const
virtual QStringList fieldNames () const =0
virtual int fieldNumber (const QString &field) const =0
virtual bool moveFirst ()=0
virtual bool moveLast ()=0
virtual bool moveNext ()=0
virtual bool movePrevious ()=0
virtual bool open ()=0
virtual qint64 recordCount () const =0
virtual void setSorting (const QList< SortedField > &sorting)
virtual QString sourceClass () const
virtual QString sourceName () const
virtual QVariant value (const QString &field) const =0
virtual QVariant value (int pos) const =0

Detailed Description

Abstraction of report data source.

A data source provides data to the report engine, usually from a database, but could also be implemented for text and other file formats

Definition at line 32 of file KReportDataSource.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCondition()

void KReportDataSource::addCondition ( const QString field,
const QVariant value,
const QString relation = QLatin1String("=") 

Adds a condition to the data source.

Definition at line 129 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ at()

virtual qint64 KReportDataSource::at ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the current position in the dataset.

◆ close()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::close ( )
pure virtual

Close the dataset.

◆ create()

KReportDataSource * KReportDataSource::create ( const QString source) const

Creates a new instance with data source.

Default implementation returns nullptr. source is implementation-specific identifier. Owner of the returned pointer is the caller.

Definition at line 146 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ dataSourceCaption()

QString KReportDataSource::dataSourceCaption ( const QString dataSourceName) const

Return data source caption for specified dataSourceName It is possibly translated.

As such it is suitable for use in GUIs. Default implementation just returns dataSourceName.

Definition at line 141 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ dataSourceNames()

QStringList KReportDataSource::dataSourceNames ( ) const
pure virtual

Return a list of data source names available for this data source Works after the source is opened.

Definition at line 136 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ fieldKeys()

QStringList KReportDataSource::fieldKeys ( ) const

Return the list of field keys. Returns fieldNames() by default.

Definition at line 109 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ fieldNames()

virtual QStringList KReportDataSource::fieldNames ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the list of field names.

◆ fieldNumber()

virtual int KReportDataSource::fieldNumber ( const QString field) const
pure virtual

Return the index number of the field given by nane field.

◆ moveFirst()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::moveFirst ( )
pure virtual

Move to the first record.

◆ moveLast()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::moveLast ( )
pure virtual

Move to the last record.

◆ moveNext()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::moveNext ( )
pure virtual

Move to the next record.

◆ movePrevious()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::movePrevious ( )
pure virtual

Move to the previous record.

◆ open()

virtual bool KReportDataSource::open ( )
pure virtual

Open the dataset.

◆ recordCount()

virtual qint64 KReportDataSource::recordCount ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the total number of records.

◆ setSorting()

void KReportDataSource::setSorting ( const QList< SortedField > &  sorting)

Sets the sorting for the data Should be called before open() so that the data source can be edited accordingly Default impl does nothing.

Definition at line 124 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ sourceClass()

QString KReportDataSource::sourceClass ( ) const
the class name of this source

Definition at line 119 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ sourceName()

QString KReportDataSource::sourceName ( ) const

Return the name of this source.

Definition at line 114 of file KReportDataSource.cpp.

◆ value() [1/2]

virtual QVariant KReportDataSource::value ( const QString field) const
pure virtual

Return the value of the field fir the given name for the current record.

◆ value() [2/2]

virtual QVariant KReportDataSource::value ( int  pos) const
pure virtual

Return the value of the field at the given position for the current record.

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