KSNotification Namespace Reference


enum  EventSource {
  General, INDI, Capture, Focus,
  Align, Mount, Guide, Observatory,
enum  EventType { Debug, Info, Warn, Alert }


void error (const QString &message, const QString &title, uint32_t timeout)
void event (const QLatin1String &name, const QString &message, EventSource source, EventType type)
void info (const QString &message, const QString &title, uint32_t timeout)
void sorry (const QString &message, const QString &title, uint32_t timeout)
void transient (const QString &message, const QString &title)

Detailed Description

General KStars Notifications for desktop and lite version

Jasem Mutlaq

Function Documentation

◆ transient()

void KSNotification::transient ( const QString message,
const QString title 

transient Non modal message box that gets deleted on close.

messagemessage content
titlemessage title

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