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 CBinaryListComponent< T, Component >Functionality for loading the component data from Binary
 CBinaryListComponent< KSAsteroid, AsteroidsComponent >
 CBinFileHelperImplements an interface to handle binary data files used by KStars
 CCaptureProcessOverlay::CaptureHistoryNavigator through the capture history
 CCatalogsDB::CatalogA simple struct to hold information about catalogs
 CCatalogsDB::CatalogStatisticsHolds statistical information about the objects in a catalog
 CConstellationNameThe ConstellationName struct
 Crapidcsv::Converter< T >Class providing conversion to/from numerical datatypes and strings
 Crapidcsv::ConverterParamsDatastructure holding parameters controlling how invalid numbers (including empty strings) should be handled
 Ccovariance_functions::CovFuncBase class definition for covariance functions
 CCrossHairNodeRepresents crosshair of telescope in SkyMapLite
 CSkyObjectUserdata::DataStores Users' Logs, Pictures and Websites regarding an object in the sky
 CCatalogsDB::DatabaseErrorDatabase related error, thrown when database access fails or an action does not succeed
 CdataElementA structure describing a data field in the binary file
 CCatalogsDB::DBManagerManages the catalog database and provides an interface to provide an interface to query and modify the database
 Cdc1394color_codings_tA struct containing a list of color codings
 Cdc1394video_modes_tA struct containing a list of video modes
 CDeepStarDataA 16-byte structure that holds star data for really faint stars
 CDetailsTableRepresents details tables that can be inserted to finder charts and logging forms. DetailsTable class is used for creating QTextTables filled with details about objects of all types. Created tables are stored inside QTextDocument, which can be obtained by DetailsTable::getDocument() and inserted into other QTextDocument as fragment. Four types of details tables are supported: general details, position details, Rise/Set/Transit details and Asteroid/Comet details
 CDetalDialogLiteBackend for Object details dialog in QML A backend of details dialog declared in QML. Members of this class are the properties that are used in QML. Whenever user clicks on some object the properties are updated with the info about this object and Details dialog in QML is updated automatically as we use property binding there
 CdmsAn angle, stored as degrees, but expressible in many ways
 Crapidcsv::DocumentClass representing a CSV document
 CEclipticPositionThe ecliptic position of a planet (Longitude, Latitude, and distance from Sun)
 CTrixelCache< content >::elementA container to hold cache elements
 CEkos::FocusAlgorithmInterfaceInterface intender for autofocus algorithms
 CFovSnapshotClass that represents single field of view snapshot. FovSnapshot class stores data of single FOV snapshot: image, description, FOV symbol at which it was captured and its central point
 CGaussianProcessGuiderThis class provides a guiding algorithm for the right ascension axis that learns and predicts the periodic gear error with a Gaussian process
 CGeoLocationRelevant data about an observing location on Earth
 CGreatCircleA class to compute points along a great circle from one az/alt to another
 CGaussianProcessGuider::guide_parametersHolds all data that is needed for the GP guiding
 CGuideViewThe main change relative to fitsview is to add the capability of displaying the 'neighbor guide stars' for the SEP Multi Star guide algorithm
 CKSAlmanacImplement methods to find important times in a day
 CKSDssImageProvides a class to hold a DSS Image along with its metadata
 CKSNumbersStore several time-dependent astronomical quantities
 CKSPathsWrapper for QStandardPaths with Android assets support The purpose of this class is to search for resources on some platforms with paths that are not provided by QStandardPaths (e.g. assets:/ on Android)
 CKStarsDocumentBase class for KStars documents. KStarsDocument is a base class for all KStars documents: finder charts, logging forms etc
 CKSUserDBSingle class to delegate all User database I/O
 CKSUtilsKStars utility functions
 CKXMLGUIBuilder [external]
 CKXMLGUIClient [external]
 Crapidcsv::LabelParamsDatastructure holding parameters controlling which row and column should be treated as labels
 Crapidcsv::LineReaderParamsDatastructure holding parameters controlling how special line formats should be treated
 CSkyObjectUserdata::LinkDataStores the tite and URL of a webpage
 CKSUtils::LoggingInterface into Qt's logging system
 CLunarEclipseDetailsThe LunarEclipseDetails struct
 CManagerPrimary class to handle all Ekos modules. The Ekos Manager class manages startup and shutdown of INDI devices and registeration of devices within Ekos Modules. Ekos module consist of Ekos::Mount, Ekos::Capture, Ekos::Focus, Ekos::Guide, and Ekos::Align modules
 CKSDssImage::MetadataStructure to hold some DSS image metadata
 Crapidcsv::no_converterException thrown when attempting to access Document data in a datatype which is not supported by the Converter class
 CNOMADStarDataWriterWrites NOMAD star data
 COAL::ObserverFIXME: why not just use a QHash?
 CKSPlanet::OrbitDataCollOrbitDataColl contains three groups of six QVectors
 CKSPlanet::OrbitDataManagerOrbitDataManager places the OrbitDataColl objects for all planets in a QDict indexed by the planets' names
 CPoleAxisPoleAxis class handles determining the mount Ha axis position given three positions taken with the same mount declination
 CQCPAbstractPaintBufferThe abstract base class for paint buffers, which define the rendering backend
 CQCPAxisTickerThe base class tick generator used by QCPAxis to create tick positions and tick labels
 CQCPBarsDataHolds the data of one single data point (one bar) for QCPBars
 CQCPColorGradientDefines a color gradient for use with e.g. QCPColorMap
 CQCPColorMapDataHolds the two-dimensional data of a QCPColorMap plottable
 CQCPCurveDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPCurve
 CQCPDataContainer< DataType >The generic data container for one-dimensional plottables
 CQCPDataRangeDescribes a data range given by begin and end index
 CQCPDataSelectionDescribes a data set by holding multiple QCPDataRange instances
 CQCPErrorBarsDataHolds the data of one single error bar for QCPErrorBars
 CQCPFinancialDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPFinancial
 CQCPGraphDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPGraph
 CQCPItemAnchorAn anchor of an item to which positions can be attached to
 CQCPLineEndingHandles the different ending decorations for line-like items
 CQCPPlottableInterface1DDefines an abstract interface for one-dimensional plottables
 CQCPRangeRepresents the range an axis is encompassing
 CQCPScatterStyleRepresents the visual appearance of scatter points
 CQCPSelectionDecoratorControls how a plottable's data selection is drawn
 CQCPStatisticalBoxDataHolds the data of one single data point for QCPStatisticalBox
 CQCPVector2DRepresents two doubles as a mathematical 2D vector
 CQDateTime [external]
 CQLineF [external]
 CQList< Satellite * > [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQPainter [external]
 CQQmlImageProviderBase [external]
 CQQmlParserStatus [external]
 CQSGMaterialShader [external]
 CQSGNode [external]
 CQSGSimpleMaterialShader< State > [external]
 CQTextStream [external]
 CRangeConvexA spatial convex is composed of spatial constraints
 CFITSData::RecordObject to hold FITS Header records
 CRectangleOverlapChecks if two potentially rotated rectangles intersect
 CSchedulerStateHolds all attributes defining the scheduler's state
 CSchemeManagerA set of methods used to work with colors
 CScriptFunctionJason Harris
 CScrollBarThis qml code implements a vertical scrollbar which shall be displayed in listview of sky-objects
 Crapidcsv::SeparatorParamsDatastructure holding parameters controlling how the CSV data fields are separated
 CSequenceJobSequence Job is a container for the details required to capture a series of images
 CShFovExporterHelper class used as a wrapper for StarHopper when capturing FOV snapshots
 CSimpleFovExporterSimpleFovExporter class is used for FOV representation exporting. Central point is defined by passed pointer to SkyPoint instance and field-of-view parameters are defined by FOV class instance. Fragment of sky is painted on passed QPaintDevice subclass. SimpleFovExporter class can be used for export of FOV representations in user-interactive mode as well as for export of multiple FOVs at once, without user interaction
 CSkyMapDrawAbstractThis class defines the methods that both rendering engines (GLPainter and QPainter) must implement
 CSkyPainterDraws things on the sky, without regard to backend
 CSkyPointStores dms coordinates for a point in the sky. for converting between coordinate systems
 CSpatialConstraintThe Constraint is really a cone on the sky-sphere
 CSpatialExceptionHTM SpatialIndex Exception base class This is the base class for all Science Archive exceptions
 CStarBlockFactoryA factory that creates StarBlocks and recycles them in an LRU Cache
 CStarDataA 32-byte Structure that holds star data
 CStarHopperHelps planning star hopping
 CTrixelCache< content >A simple integer indexed elastically cached wrapper around std::vector to hold container types content which are cheap to construct empty and provide a default constructor, as well as [], size and swap members (think std::vector and std::list)
 CTrixelCache< ObjectList >
 CViewParamsThis is just a container that holds information needed to do projections
 CYAxisInfoUsed to keep track of the various Y-axes and connect them to the QLineEdits
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