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#include <trailobject.h>

Inheritance diagram for TrailObject:

Public Member Functions

 TrailObject (int t, double r, double d, float m=0.0, const QString &n=QString())
 TrailObject (int t=TYPE_UNKNOWN, dms r=dms(0.0), dms d=dms(0.0), float m=0.0, const QString &n=QString())
void addToTrail (const QString &label=QString())
void clearTrail ()
void clipTrail ()
TrailObjectclone () const override
void drawTrail (SkyPainter *skyp) const
bool hasTrail () const
void initPopupMenu (KSPopupMenu *pmenu) override
const QList< SkyPoint > & trail () const
void updateTrail (dms *LST, const dms *lat)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkyObject
 SkyObject (int t, double r, double d, float m=0.0, const QString &n=QString(), const QString &n2=QString(), const QString &lname=QString())
 SkyObject (int t=TYPE_UNKNOWN, dms r=dms(0.0), dms d=dms(0.0), float m=0.0, const QString &n=QString(), const QString &n2=QString(), const QString &lname=QString())
virtual ~SkyObject () override=default
virtual UID getUID () const
bool hashBeenUpdated ()
bool hasLongName () const
bool hasName () const
bool hasName2 () const
bool isSolarSystem () const
virtual double labelOffset () const
virtual QString labelString () const
virtual QString longname (void) const
float mag () const
QString messageFromTitle (const QString &imageTitle) const
virtual QString name (void) const
QString name2 (void) const
virtual double pa () const
SkyPoint recomputeCoords (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo=nullptr) const
SkyPoint recomputeHorizontalCoords (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo) const
QTime riseSetTime (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo, bool rst, bool exact=true) const
dms riseSetTimeAz (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo, bool rst) const
QTime riseSetTimeUT (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo, bool rst, bool exact=true) const
void setLongName (const QString &longname=QString())
void setType (int t)
void showPopupMenu (KSPopupMenu *pmenu, const QPoint &pos)
dms transitAltitude (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo) const
QTime transitTime (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo) const
QTime transitTimeUT (const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo) const
QString translatedLongName () const
QString translatedName () const
QString translatedName2 () const
int type (void) const
QString typeName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkyPoint
 SkyPoint ()
 SkyPoint (const CachingDms &r, const CachingDms &d)
 SkyPoint (const dms &r, const dms &d)
 SkyPoint (double r, double d)
void aberrate (const KSNumbers *num, bool reverse=false)
void addEterms (void)
double airmass () const
const dmsalt () const
dms altRefracted () const
dms angularDistanceTo (const SkyPoint *sp, double *const positionAngle=nullptr) const
void apparentCoord (long double jd0, long double jdf)
const dmsaz () const
void B1950ToJ2000 (void)
bool bendlight ()
SkyPoint catalogueCoord (long double jdf)
bool checkBendLight ()
bool checkCircumpolar (const dms *gLat) const
const CachingDmsdec () const
const CachingDmsdec0 () const
SkyPoint deprecess (const KSNumbers *num, long double epoch=J2000)
void Equatorial1950ToGalactic (dms &galLong, dms &galLat)
void EquatorialToHorizontal (const CachingDms *LST, const CachingDms *lat)
void EquatorialToHorizontal (const dms *LST, const dms *lat)
SkyPoint Eterms (void)
void findEcliptic (const CachingDms *Obliquity, dms &EcLong, dms &EcLat)
void GalacticToEquatorial1950 (const dms *galLong, const dms *galLat)
double getLastPrecessJD () const
void HorizontalToEquatorial (const dms *LST, const dms *lat)
void J2000ToB1950 (void)
double maxAlt (const dms &lat) const
double minAlt (const dms &lat) const
SkyPoint moveAway (const SkyPoint &from, double dist) const
void nutate (const KSNumbers *num, const bool reverse=false)
bool operator== (SkyPoint &p) const
dms parallacticAngle (const CachingDms &LST, const CachingDms &lat)
void precessFromAnyEpoch (long double jd0, long double jdf)
const CachingDmsra () const
const CachingDmsra0 () const
void set (const dms &r, const dms &d)
void setAlt (dms alt)
void setAlt (double alt)
void setAltRefracted (dms alt_apparent)
void setAltRefracted (double alt_apparent)
void setAz (dms az)
void setAz (double az)
void setDec (const CachingDms &d)
void setDec (dms d)
void setDec (double d)
void setDec0 (const CachingDms &d)
void setDec0 (dms d)
void setDec0 (double d)
void setFromEcliptic (const CachingDms *Obliquity, const dms &EcLong, const dms &EcLat)
void setRA (const CachingDms &r)
void setRA (dms &r)
void setRA (double r)
void setRA0 (CachingDms r)
void setRA0 (dms r)
void setRA0 (double r)
void subtractEterms (void)
virtual void updateCoords (const KSNumbers *num, bool includePlanets=true, const CachingDms *lat=nullptr, const CachingDms *LST=nullptr, bool forceRecompute=false)
virtual void updateCoordsNow (const KSNumbers *num)
double vGeocentric (double vhelio, long double jd)
double vGeoToVHelio (double vgeo, long double jd)
double vHeliocentric (double vlsr, long double jd)
double vHelioToVlsr (double vhelio, long double jd)
double vREarth (long double jd0)
double vRSite (double vsite[3])
double vRSun (long double jd)
double vTopocentric (double vgeo, double vsite[3])
double vTopoToVGeo (double vtopo, double vsite[3])

Static Public Member Functions

static void clearTrailsExcept (SkyObject *o)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SkyObject
static QString typeName (const int t)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SkyPoint
static dms findAltitude (const SkyPoint *p, const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo, const double hour=0)
static dms refract (const dms alt, bool conditional=true)
static double refract (const double alt, bool conditional=true)
static double refractionCorr (double alt)
static SkyPoint timeTransformed (const SkyPoint *p, const KStarsDateTime &dt, const GeoLocation *geo, const double hour=0)
static dms unrefract (const dms alt, bool conditional=true)
static double unrefract (const double alt, bool conditional=true)

Static Public Attributes

static const int MaxTrail = 400
- Static Public Attributes inherited from SkyObject
static const UID invalidUID = ~0
static const UID UID_DEEPSKY = 2
static const UID UID_GALAXY = 1
static const UID UID_SOLARSYS = 3
static const UID UID_STAR = 0
- Static Public Attributes inherited from SkyPoint
static const double altCrit = -1.0
static bool implementationIsLibnova = false

Protected Attributes

QList< QStringm_TrailLabels
QList< SkyPointTrail
- Protected Attributes inherited from SkyObject
bool has_been_updated = true
QString LongName
QString Name
QString Name2
- Protected Attributes inherited from SkyPoint
double lastPrecessJD { 0 }

Static Protected Attributes

static QSet< TrailObject * > trailObjects

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SkyObject
enum  TYPE {
  MOON = 12 , ASTERISM = 13 , GALAXY_CLUSTER = 14 , DARK_NEBULA = 15 ,
  QUASAR = 16 , MULT_STAR = 17 , RADIO_SOURCE = 18 , SATELLITE = 19 ,
typedef qint64 UID
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkyObject
void setMag (float m)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setName2 (const QString &name2=QString())
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SkyPoint
void precess (const KSNumbers *num)

Detailed Description

provides a SkyObject with an attachable Trail

Jason Harris

Definition at line 21 of file trailobject.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrailObject() [1/2]

TrailObject::TrailObject ( int t = TYPE_UNKNOWN,
dms r = dms(0.0),
dms d = dms(0.0),
float m = 0.0,
const QString & n = QString() )


Definition at line 25 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ TrailObject() [2/2]

TrailObject::TrailObject ( int t,
double r,
double d,
float m = 0.0,
const QString & n = QString() )


Definition at line 29 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ ~TrailObject()

TrailObject::~TrailObject ( )

Definition at line 33 of file trailobject.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToTrail()

void TrailObject::addToTrail ( const QString & label = QString())

adds a point to the planet's trail

Definition at line 60 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ clearTrail()

void TrailObject::clearTrail ( )

clear the Trail

Definition at line 79 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ clearTrailsExcept()

void TrailObject::clearTrailsExcept ( SkyObject * o)

Remove trail for all objects but one which is passed as parameter.

It has SkyObject type for generality.

Definition at line 86 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ clipTrail()

void TrailObject::clipTrail ( )

removes the oldest point from the trail

Definition at line 67 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ clone()

TrailObject * TrailObject::clone ( ) const

Create copy of object.

This method is virtual copy constructor. It allows for safe copying of objects. In other words, KSPlanet object stored in SkyObject pointer will be copied as KSPlanet.

Each subclass of SkyObject MUST implement clone method. There is no checking to ensure this, though.

pointer to newly allocated object. Caller takes full responsibility for deallocating it.

Reimplemented from SkyObject.

Definition at line 38 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ drawTrail()

void TrailObject::drawTrail ( SkyPainter * skyp) const

Definition at line 102 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ hasTrail()

bool TrailObject::hasTrail ( ) const
whether the planet has a trail

Definition at line 36 of file trailobject.h.

◆ initPopupMenu()

void TrailObject::initPopupMenu ( KSPopupMenu * pmenu)

Initialize the popup menut.

This function should call correct initialization function in KSPopupMenu. By overloading the function, we don't have to check the object type when we need the menu.

Reimplemented from SkyObject.

Definition at line 51 of file trailobject.cpp.

◆ trail()

const QList< SkyPoint > & TrailObject::trail ( ) const
a reference to the planet's trail

Definition at line 42 of file trailobject.h.

◆ updateTrail()

void TrailObject::updateTrail ( dms * LST,
const dms * lat )

update Horizontal coords of the trail

Definition at line 45 of file trailobject.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_TrailLabels

QList<QString> TrailObject::m_TrailLabels

Definition at line 72 of file trailobject.h.

◆ MaxTrail

const int TrailObject::MaxTrail = 400

Maximum trail size.

Definition at line 66 of file trailobject.h.

◆ Trail

QList<SkyPoint> TrailObject::Trail

Definition at line 71 of file trailobject.h.

◆ trailObjects

QSet< TrailObject * > TrailObject::trailObjects

Store list of objects with trails.

Definition at line 74 of file trailobject.h.

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