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#include <starblockfactory.h>

Public Member Functions

 ~StarBlockFactory ()
int freeAll ()
int freeUnused ()
std::shared_ptr< StarBlockgetBlock ()
int getBlockCount () const
bool markFirst (std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > &block)
bool markNext (std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > &after, std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > &block)
void printStructure () const

Static Public Member Functions

static StarBlockFactoryInstance ()

Public Attributes

quint32 drawID

Detailed Description

A factory that creates StarBlocks and recycles them in an LRU Cache.

Akarsh Simha

Definition at line 21 of file starblockfactory.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~StarBlockFactory()

StarBlockFactory::~StarBlockFactory ( )

Destructor Deletes the linked list that maintains the Cache, sets the pointer to nullptr.

Definition at line 35 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ freeAll()

int StarBlockFactory::freeAll ( )

Frees all StarBlocks that are in the cache.

The number of StarBlocks freed

Definition at line 73 of file starblockfactory.h.

◆ freeUnused()

int StarBlockFactory::freeUnused ( )

Frees all StarBlocks that are not used in this draw cycle.

The number of StarBlocks freed

Definition at line 287 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

◆ getBlock()

std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > StarBlockFactory::getBlock ( )

Return a StarBlock available for use.

This method first checks if there are any cached StarBlocks that are not in use. If such a StarBlock is found, it returns the same for use. Else it freshly allocates a StarBlock and returns the same. It also moves the StarBlock to the front, marking it as the most recently used. If the StarBlock had a parent StarBlockList, this method detaches the StarBlock from the StarBlockList

A StarBlock that is available for use

Definition at line 42 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

◆ getBlockCount()

int StarBlockFactory::getBlockCount ( ) const

Returns the number of StarBlocks currently produced.

Number of StarBlocks currently allocated

Definition at line 67 of file starblockfactory.h.

◆ Instance()

StarBlockFactory * StarBlockFactory::Instance ( )

Definition at line 19 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

◆ markFirst()

bool StarBlockFactory::markFirst ( std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > & block)

Mark a StarBlock as most recently used and sync its drawID with the current drawID.

true on success, false if the StarBlock supplied was not on our list at all

Definition at line 82 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

◆ markNext()

bool StarBlockFactory::markNext ( std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > & after,
std::shared_ptr< StarBlock > & block )

Rank a given StarBlock after another given StarBlock in the LRU list and sync its drawID with the current drawID.

afterThe block after which 'block' should be put
blockThe block to mark for use
true on success, false on failure

Definition at line 122 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

◆ printStructure()

void StarBlockFactory::printStructure ( ) const

Prints the structure of the cache, for debugging.

Definition at line 257 of file starblockfactory.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ drawID

quint32 StarBlockFactory::drawID

Definition at line 86 of file starblockfactory.h.

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