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ISD::CameraChip Class Reference

#include <indicamerachip.h>

Public Types

enum  ChipType { PRIMARY_CCD, GUIDE_CCD }

Public Member Functions

 CameraChip (ISD::Camera *camera, ChipType type)
bool abortExposure ()
void addFrameLabel (const QString &label)
bool canAbort () const
bool canBin () const
bool canSubframe () const
bool capture (double exposure)
void clearFrameTypes ()
bool getBayerInfo (uint16_t &offsetX, uint16_t &offsetY, QString &pattern)
CCDBinType getBinning ()
bool getBinning (int *bin_x, int *bin_y)
FITSScale getCaptureFilter () const
FITSMode getCaptureMode () const
ISD::CameragetCCD ()
bool getFrame (int *x, int *y, int *w, int *h)
bool getFrameMinMax (int *minX, int *maxX, int *minY, int *maxY, int *minW, int *maxW, int *minH, int *maxH)
CCDFrameType getFrameType ()
QStringList getFrameTypes () const
const QSharedPointer< FITSData > & getImageData () const
bool getImageInfo (uint16_t &width, uint16_t &height, double &pixelX, double &pixelY, uint8_t &bitdepth)
FITSView * getImageView (FITSMode imageType)
int getISOIndex () const
QStringList getISOList () const
bool getISOValue (QString &value) const
bool getMaxBin (int *max_xbin, int *max_ybin)
ChipType getType () const
bool isBatchMode () const
bool isCapturing ()
bool resetFrame ()
void setBatchMode (bool enable)
bool setBinning (CCDBinType binType)
bool setBinning (int bin_x, int bin_y)
void setCanAbort (bool value)
void setCanBin (bool value)
void setCanSubframe (bool value)
void setCaptureFilter (FITSScale fType)
void setCaptureMode (FITSMode mode)
bool setFrame (int x, int y, int w, int h, bool force=false)
bool setFrameType (CCDFrameType fType)
bool setFrameType (const QString &name)
void setImageData (const QSharedPointer< FITSData > &data)
bool setImageInfo (uint16_t width, uint16_t height, double pixelX, double pixelY, uint8_t bitdepth)
void setImageView (FITSView *image, FITSMode imageType)
bool setISOIndex (int value)

Detailed Description

CameraChip class controls a particular chip in camera. While most amateur camera only have a single sensor, some cameras (e.g. SBIG CCDs) have additional chips for guiding purposes.

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