#include <yaxistool.h>

Public Member Functions

 YAxisInfo (QCPAxis *axis_, QCPRange initialRange_, bool rescale_, int graphIndex_, QCustomPlot *plot_, QCheckBox *checkBox_, const QString &name_, const QString &shortName_, const QColor &color_)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isRescale (const QCPRange &range)

Public Attributes

QColor color
int graphIndex
QColor initialColor
QCPRange initialRange
QString name
bool rescale
QString shortName

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr double LOWER_RESCALE = -102
static constexpr double UPPER_RESCALE = -101

Detailed Description

Used to keep track of the various Y-axes and connect them to the QLineEdits.

Hy Murveit

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ YAxisInfo() [1/2]

YAxisInfo::YAxisInfo ( )

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◆ YAxisInfo() [2/2]

YAxisInfo::YAxisInfo ( QCPAxis * axis_,
QCPRange initialRange_,
bool rescale_,
int graphIndex_,
QCustomPlot * plot_,
QCheckBox * checkBox_,
const QString & name_,
const QString & shortName_,
const QColor & color_ )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ isRescale()

static bool YAxisInfo::isRescale ( const QCPRange & range)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ axis

QCPAxis* YAxisInfo::axis

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◆ checkBox

QCheckBox* YAxisInfo::checkBox

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◆ color

QColor YAxisInfo::color

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◆ graphIndex

int YAxisInfo::graphIndex

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◆ initialColor

QColor YAxisInfo::initialColor

Definition at line 35 of file yaxistool.h.

◆ initialRange

QCPRange YAxisInfo::initialRange

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constexpr double YAxisInfo::LOWER_RESCALE = -102

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◆ name

QString YAxisInfo::name

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◆ plot

QCustomPlot* YAxisInfo::plot

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◆ rescale

bool YAxisInfo::rescale

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◆ shortName

QString YAxisInfo::shortName

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constexpr double YAxisInfo::UPPER_RESCALE = -101

Definition at line 26 of file yaxistool.h.

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