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OAL::Observation Class Reference

#include <observation.h>

Public Member Functions

 Observation (QString id, Observer *observer, Session *session, SkyObject *target, KStarsDateTime begin, double faintestStar, double seeing, Scope *scope, Eyepiece *eyepiece, Lens *lens, Filter *filter, QString result, QString lang)
 Observation (QString id, QString observer, QString site, QString session, QString target, KStarsDateTime begin, double faintestStar, double seeing, QString scope, QString eyepiece, QString lens, QString filter, QString result, QString lang)
KStarsDateTime begin () const
QString eyepiece () const
double faintestStar () const
QString filter () const
QString id () const
QString lang () const
QString lens () const
QString observer () const
QString result () const
QString scope () const
double seeing () const
QString session () const
void setObservation (QString _id, QString _observer, QString _site, QString _session, QString _target, KStarsDateTime _begin, double _faintestStar, double _seeing, QString _scope, QString _eyepiece, QString _lens, QString _filter, QString _result, QString _lang="en")
QString site () const
QString target () const

Detailed Description

Information on observation session details.

Definition at line 28 of file observation.h.

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