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#include <noprecessindex.h>

Inheritance diagram for NoPrecessIndex:

Public Member Functions

 NoPrecessIndex (SkyComposite *parent, const QString &name)
void JITupdate (LineList *lineList) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from LineListIndex
 LineListIndex (SkyComposite *parent, const QString &name="")
void draw (SkyPainter *skyp) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkyComponent
 SkyComponent (SkyComposite *parent=nullptr)
virtual void drawTrails (SkyPainter *skyp)
virtual void emitProgressText (const QString &message)
virtual SkyObjectfindByName (const QString &name, bool exact=true)
QHash< int, QVector< QPair< QString, const SkyObject * > > > & objectLists ()
QVector< QPair< QString, const SkyObject * > > & objectLists (int type)
QHash< int, QStringList > & objectNames ()
QStringListobjectNames (int type)
virtual SkyObjectobjectNearest (SkyPoint *p, double &maxrad)
virtual void objectsInArea (QList< SkyObject * > &list, const SkyRegion &region)
SkyCompositeparent ()
void removeFromLists (const SkyObject *obj)
void removeFromNames (const SkyObject *obj)
virtual bool selected ()
virtual void update (KSNumbers *)
virtual void updateMoons (KSNumbers *)
virtual void updateSolarSystemBodies (KSNumbers *)

Protected Member Functions

MeshBufNum_t drawBuffer () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from LineListIndex
void appendBoth (const std::shared_ptr< LineList > &lineList)
void appendLine (const std::shared_ptr< LineList > &lineList)
void appendPoly (const std::shared_ptr< LineList > &lineList)
void drawFilled (SkyPainter *skyp)
void drawLines (SkyPainter *skyp)
virtual const IndexHashgetIndexHash (LineList *lineList)
void intro ()
virtual LineListLabel * label ()
LineListList listList () const
QString name () const
virtual void preDraw (SkyPainter *skyp)
void reindexLines ()
void removeLine (const std::shared_ptr< LineList > &lineList)
virtual SkipHashList * skipList (LineList *lineList)
SkyMeshskyMesh ()
void summary ()

Detailed Description

James B. Bowlin

Definition at line 17 of file noprecessindex.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NoPrecessIndex()

NoPrecessIndex::NoPrecessIndex ( SkyComposite parent,
const QString name 


Definition at line 13 of file noprecessindex.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ drawBuffer()

MeshBufNum_t NoPrecessIndex::drawBuffer ( )

we need to use the buffer that does not have the reverse-precession correction.

Reimplemented from LineListIndex.

Definition at line 35 of file noprecessindex.h.

◆ JITupdate()

void NoPrecessIndex::JITupdate ( LineList lineList)

@ short override JITupdate so we don't perform the precession correction, only rotation.

Reimplemented from LineListIndex.

Definition at line 18 of file noprecessindex.cpp.

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