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CatalogsComponent Class Reference

#include <catalogscomponent.h>

Inheritance diagram for CatalogsComponent:

Public Types

using ObjectList = std::vector<CatalogObject>

Public Member Functions

 CatalogsComponent (SkyComposite *parent, const QString &db_filename, bool load_default=false)
void draw (SkyPainter *skyp) override
void dropCache ()
SkyObjectfindByName (const QString &name, bool exact=true) override
CatalogObjectinsertStaticObject (const CatalogObject &obj)
SkyObjectobjectNearest (SkyPoint *p, double &maxrad) override
void objectsInArea (QList< SkyObject * > &list, const SkyRegion &region) override
void resizeCache (const int percentage)
bool selected () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkyComponent
 SkyComponent (SkyComposite *parent=nullptr)
virtual void drawTrails (SkyPainter *skyp)
virtual void emitProgressText (const QString &message)
QHash< int, QVector< QPair< QString, const SkyObject * > > > & objectLists ()
QVector< QPair< QString, const SkyObject * > > & objectLists (int type)
QHash< int, QStringList > & objectNames ()
QStringListobjectNames (int type)
SkyCompositeparent ()
void removeFromLists (const SkyObject *obj)
void removeFromNames (const SkyObject *obj)
virtual void update (KSNumbers *)
virtual void updateMoons (KSNumbers *)
virtual void updateSolarSystemBodies (KSNumbers *)

Detailed Description

Represents objects loaded from an sqlite backed, trixel indexed catalog.

The component doesn't follow the traditional list approach and loads it's skyobjects into an LRU cache (TrixelCache). For puproses of compatiblility with object search etc. some of the brightest objects are loaded into m_static_objects and registered within the component system. Furthermore, if some part of the code demands a pointer to a CatalogObject, it will be allocated into m_static_objects on demand.

If you want to access DSOs in new code you should use a local instance of CatalogsDB::DBManager instead and call dropCache if necessary.

See also

Definition at line 41 of file catalogscomponent.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ObjectList

using CatalogsComponent::ObjectList = std::vector<CatalogObject>

Definition at line 44 of file catalogscomponent.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CatalogsComponent()

CatalogsComponent::CatalogsComponent ( SkyComposite * parent,
const QString & db_filename,
bool load_default = false )

Constructs the Catalogscomponent with a parent and a database file under the path db_filename.

If load_ngc is specified, an attempt is made to load the default catalog from the default location into the db.

The lru cache for the objects will be initialized to a capacity configurable by Options::dSOCachePercentage.

Definition at line 29 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ draw()

void CatalogsComponent::draw ( SkyPainter * skyp)

Draws the objects in the currently visible trixels by dynamically loading them from the database.

Implements SkyComponent.

Definition at line 69 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

◆ dropCache()

void CatalogsComponent::dropCache ( )

Clear the internal cache and effectively reload all objects from the database.

Definition at line 111 of file catalogscomponent.h.

◆ findByName()

SkyObject * CatalogsComponent::findByName ( const QString & name,
bool exact = true )

Search the underlying database for an object with the name.

See also
CatalogsDB::DBManager::find_object_by_name for details.

If multiple objects match, the one with the hightest magnitude is returned.

a pointer to the SkyObject whose name matches the argument, or a nullptr pointer if no match was found. (Due to way KStars works)

Reimplemented from SkyComponent.

Definition at line 331 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

◆ insertStaticObject()

CatalogObject & CatalogsComponent::insertStaticObject ( const CatalogObject & obj)

Insert an object obj into m_static_objects and return a reference to the newly inserted object.

If the object is already present in the list, return a reference to that. Furthermore the object will be updated (CatalogObject::JITupdate) and inserted into the parent's objectLists.

Definition at line 297 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

◆ objectNearest()

SkyObject * CatalogsComponent::objectNearest ( SkyPoint * p,
double & maxrad )

Find the SkyObject nearest the given SkyPoint.

Look for a SkyObject that is nearer to point p than maxrad. If one is found, then maxrad is reset to the separation of the new nearest object. p pointer to the SkyPoint to search around maxrad reference to current search radius in degrees

a pointer to the nearest SkyObject
This function simply returns a nullptr pointer; it is reimplemented in various sub-classes.

Reimplemented from SkyComponent.

Definition at line 371 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

◆ objectsInArea()

void CatalogsComponent::objectsInArea ( QList< SkyObject * > & list,
const SkyRegion & region )

Searches the region(s) and appends the SkyObjects found to the list of sky objects.

Look for a SkyObject that is in one of the regions If found, then append to the list of sky objects list list of SkyObject to which matching list has to be appended to region defines the regions in which the search for SkyObject should be done within

This function simply returns; it is reimplemented in various sub-classes.

Reimplemented from SkyComponent.

Definition at line 342 of file catalogscomponent.cpp.

◆ resizeCache()

void CatalogsComponent::resizeCache ( const int percentage)

Set the cache size to the new percentage.

The cache stores the objects of a certain percentage of all trixels. Setting percentage = 100 short circuits the cache and loads all the objects into memory. This is reasonable for catalog sizes up to 10_000 objects.

Definition at line 74 of file catalogscomponent.h.

◆ selected()

bool CatalogsComponent::selected ( )

Wether to show the DSOs.

Reimplemented from SkyComponent.

Definition at line 121 of file catalogscomponent.h.

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