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#include <labelsitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for LabelsItem:

Public Types

enum  label_t {
- Public Types inherited from QSGNode
enum  DirtyStateBit
enum  Flag
enum  NodeType

Public Member Functions

 LabelsItem ()
GuideLabelNodeaddGuideLabel (QString name, label_t labelType)
LabelNodeaddLabel (QString name, label_t labelType)
LabelNodeaddLabel (SkyObject *skyObject, label_t labelType)
LabelNodeaddLabel (SkyObject *skyObject, label_t labelType, Trixel trixel)
TrixelNodeaddTrixel (label_t labelType, Trixel trixel)
void deleteLabel (LabelNode *label)
void deleteLabels (label_t labelType)
LabelTypeNodegetLabelNode (label_t labelType)
void hideLabels (label_t labelType)
RootNoderootNode ()
void setRootNode (RootNode *rootNode)
void showLabels (label_t labelType)
void update ()
void updateChildLabels (label_t labelType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SkyOpacityNode
virtual void hide ()
virtual void show ()
bool visible ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGOpacityNode
qreal opacity () const const
void setOpacity (qreal opacity)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGNode
void appendChildNode (QSGNode *node)
QSGNodechildAtIndex (int i) const const
int childCount () const const
QSGNodefirstChild () const const
Flags flags () const const
void insertChildNodeAfter (QSGNode *node, QSGNode *after)
void insertChildNodeBefore (QSGNode *node, QSGNode *before)
virtual bool isSubtreeBlocked () const const
QSGNodelastChild () const const
void markDirty (DirtyState bits)
QSGNodenextSibling () const const
QSGNodeparent () const const
void prependChildNode (QSGNode *node)
virtual void preprocess ()
QSGNodepreviousSibling () const const
void removeAllChildNodes ()
void removeChildNode (QSGNode *node)
void setFlag (Flag f, bool enabled)
void setFlags (Flags f, bool enabled)
NodeType type () const const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from QSGNode
typedef DirtyState
typedef Flags

Detailed Description

This class is in charge of labels in SkyMapLite.

Labels can be instantiated by calling addLabel with either SkyObject or plain QString as a name. There are two types of label nodes available - LabelNode that can't be rotated and GuideLabelNode that supports rotation (but it is not used anywhere yet).

To prevent labels from overlapping this class uses SkyLabeler. We check LabelNode for overlapping by calling SkyLabeler::markText() (SkyLabeler::markRegion() for GuideLabelNode) and update().

Each of SkyItems that uses labels has its own label type in enum label_t (copied from SkyLabeler but was extended). Labels of particular type are reparented to LabelTypeNode(QSGOpacityNode) so to hide all labels of some type you just need to set opacity of LabelTypeNode that corresponds to this type to 0.

Order of drawing can be changed in LabelsItem's constructor. Order of labels update can be changed in update().

This class is not derived from SkyItem as it doesn't have label type and SkyItem's header needs an inclusion of this header to allow use of label_t enum. (Might be a good idea to fix this)

font size is set in SkyLabeler::SkyLabeler() by initializing m_stdFont with default font

Handles labels in SkyMapLite

Artem Fedoskin

Definition at line 52 of file labelsitem.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ label_t

The label_t enum.

Holds types of labels


Rude labels block other labels FIXME: find a better solution.

Definition at line 61 of file labelsitem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LabelsItem()

LabelsItem::LabelsItem ( )


Definition at line 19 of file labelsitem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addGuideLabel()

GuideLabelNode * LabelsItem::addGuideLabel ( QString name,
label_t labelType )

does the same as above but instead creates GuideLabelNode

currently GuideLabelNode is not used anywhere so it is not fully supported yet

Definition at line 145 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ addLabel() [1/3]

LabelNode * LabelsItem::addLabel ( QString name,
label_t labelType )

does the same as above but with QString instead of SkyObject

Definition at line 138 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ addLabel() [2/3]

LabelNode * LabelsItem::addLabel ( SkyObject * skyObject,
label_t labelType )

Create LabelNode with given skyObject and append it to LabelTypeNode that corresponds to type.

skyObjectfor which the label is created
labelTypetype of LabelTypeNode to which this label has to be reparented
pointer to newly created LabelNode

Definition at line 111 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ addLabel() [3/3]

LabelNode * LabelsItem::addLabel ( SkyObject * skyObject,
label_t labelType,
Trixel trixel )

Create LabelNode and append it to corresponding TrixelNode so that all labels can be hidden whenever Trixel is not displayed.

Use for sky objects that are indexed by SkyMesh

skyObjectfor which the label is created
labelTypetype of LabelTypeNode to which this label has to be reparented
trixelid of trixel

Definition at line 118 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ addTrixel()

TrixelNode * LabelsItem::addTrixel ( label_t labelType,
Trixel trixel )

adds trixel to the node corresponding to labelType

Definition at line 152 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ deleteLabel()

void LabelsItem::deleteLabel ( LabelNode * label)

deletes particular label

Definition at line 241 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ deleteLabels()

void LabelsItem::deleteLabels ( label_t labelType)

deletes all labels of type labelType

Definition at line 214 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ getLabelNode()

LabelTypeNode * LabelsItem::getLabelNode ( label_t labelType)
LabelTypeNode that holds labels of labelType

Definition at line 126 of file labelsitem.h.

◆ hideLabels()

void LabelsItem::hideLabels ( label_t labelType)

hides all labels of type labelType

Definition at line 190 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ rootNode()

RootNode * LabelsItem::rootNode ( )
pointer to RootNode that instantiated this object

Definition at line 153 of file labelsitem.h.

◆ setRootNode()

void LabelsItem::setRootNode ( RootNode * rootNode)

sets m_rootNode and appends to it this node

rootNodeparent RootNode that instantiates this object

Definition at line 202 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ showLabels()

void LabelsItem::showLabels ( label_t labelType)

shows all labels of type labelType

Definition at line 196 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ update()

void LabelsItem::update ( )

The order of labels update can be changed here.

updates all child labels

Definition at line 159 of file labelsitem.cpp.

◆ updateChildLabels()

void LabelsItem::updateChildLabels ( label_t labelType)

updates child labels of LabelTypeNode that corresponds to type in m_labelsLists Labels for stars and DSOs we update labels only if corresponding TrixelNode is visible.

labelTypetype of LabelTypeNode (see m_labelsLists)

Definition at line 289 of file labelsitem.cpp.

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