KCModuleLoader Namespace Reference


KCMUTILS_EXPORT KCModuleloadModule (const KPluginMetaData &metaData, QWidget *parent=nullptr, const QVariantList &args={}, const std::shared_ptr< QQmlEngine > &engine={})

Detailed Description

Loads a KCModule In case the provided metadata points to a KQuickConfigModule, it is wrapped in a KCModule.

Function Documentation

◆ loadModule()

KCModule * KCModuleLoader::loadModule ( const KPluginMetaData & metaData,
QWidget * parent = nullptr,
const QVariantList & args = {},
const std::shared_ptr< QQmlEngine > & engine = {} )

Loads a KCModule.

If loading fails a KCM which displays an error message is returned.

metaDataKPluginMetaData for loading the plugin
engineQQmlEngine that will be used for KQuickConfigModule classes. If none is set, a internal engine will be created and reused for further modules. In case your app already has an engine, you should pass it in explicitly
a pointer to the loaded KCModule

Definition at line 76 of file kcmoduleloader.cpp.

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