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 NKSettingsA collection of classes to create configuration dialogs that work over component boundaries
 CDialogGeneric configuration dialog that works over component boundaries
 CPluginPageConvenience KCModule for creating a plugins config page
 CKCModuleContainerKCModuleContainer is a convenience class encapsulating several KCModules
 CKCModuleDataA base class that offers information about a KCModule state
 CKCModuleInfoA class that provides information about a KCModule
 CKCModuleProxyEncapsulates a KCModule for embedding
 CKCMultiDialogA class that offers a KPageDialog containing arbitrary KControl Modules
 CKPluginSelectorA widget to select what plugins to load and configure the plugins
 CUnboundScrollAreaCustom QScrollArea class that doesn't limit its size hint
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