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enum  RulesStorage { RecallRules = 1, StoreRules = 2, RecallAndStoreRules = 3 }


bool KIOWIDGETS_EXPORT askIgnoreSslErrors (const KSslErrorUiData &uiData, RulesStorage storedRules=RecallAndStoreRules)
KIOWIDGETS_EXPORT bool askIgnoreSslErrors (const KTcpSocket *socket, RulesStorage storedRules=RecallAndStoreRules)

Detailed Description

UI methods for handling SSL errors.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ RulesStorage

Error rule storage behavior.


apply stored certificate rules (typically ignored errors)


make new ignore rules from the user's choice and store them


apply stored rules and store new rules

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Function Documentation

◆ askIgnoreSslErrors() [1/2]

bool KIO::SslUi::askIgnoreSslErrors ( const KSslErrorUiData uiData,
RulesStorage  storedRules = RecallAndStoreRules 

If there are errors while establishing an SSL encrypted connection to a peer, usually due to certificate issues, and since this poses a security issue, we need confirmation from the user about how they wish to proceed.

This function provides a dialog asking the user if they wish to abort the connection or ignore the SSL errors that occurred and continue connecting. And in case of the latter whether to remember the decision in the future or ignore the error temporarily.

uiData the KSslErrorUiData object constructed from the socket that is trying to establish the encrypted connection storedRules see RulesStorage Enum

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◆ askIgnoreSslErrors() [2/2]

bool KIO::SslUi::askIgnoreSslErrors ( const KTcpSocket socket,
RulesStorage  storedRules = RecallAndStoreRules 
since 5.64 use the KSslErrorUiData variant instead.

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