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KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem Class Reference

#include <KGanttStyleOptionGanttItem>

Inheritance diagram for KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem:

Public Types

enum  Position { Left , Right , Center , Hidden }
- Public Types inherited from QStyleOptionViewItem
enum  Position
enum  StyleOptionType
enum  StyleOptionVersion
enum  ViewItemFeature
enum  ViewItemPosition
- Public Types inherited from QStyleOption
enum  OptionType
enum  StyleOptionType
enum  StyleOptionVersion

Public Member Functions

 StyleOptionGanttItem ()
 StyleOptionGanttItem (const StyleOptionGanttItem &other)
StyleOptionGanttItemoperator= (const StyleOptionGanttItem &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QStyleOptionViewItem
 QStyleOptionViewItem (const QStyleOptionViewItem &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QStyleOption
 QStyleOption (const QStyleOption &other)
 QStyleOption (int version, int type)
void initFrom (const QWidget *widget)
QStyleOptionoperator= (const QStyleOption &other)
qstyleoption_cast (const QStyleOption *option)
qstyleoption_cast (QStyleOption *option)

Public Attributes

QRectF boundingRect
Position displayPosition
QRectF itemRect
QString text
- Public Attributes inherited from QStyleOptionViewItem
typedef ViewItemFeatures
- Public Attributes inherited from QStyleOption

Detailed Description

QStyleOption subclass for gantt items.

Definition at line 20 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Position

This enum is used to describe where the Qt::DisplayRole (the label) should be located relative to the item itself.

Definition at line 22 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StyleOptionGanttItem() [1/2]

StyleOptionGanttItem::StyleOptionGanttItem ( )

Constructor. Sets grid to 0.

Definition at line 21 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.cpp.

◆ StyleOptionGanttItem() [2/2]

StyleOptionGanttItem::StyleOptionGanttItem ( const StyleOptionGanttItem & other)

Copy constructor. Creates a copy of other

Definition at line 31 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

StyleOptionGanttItem & StyleOptionGanttItem::operator= ( const StyleOptionGanttItem & other)

Assignment operator

Definition at line 38 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ boundingRect

QRectF KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::boundingRect

Contains the bounding rectangle for the item

Definition at line 28 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

◆ displayPosition

Position KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::displayPosition
See also

Definition at line 30 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

◆ grid

AbstractGrid* KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::grid

Contains a pointer to the AbstractGrid used by the view

Definition at line 31 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

◆ itemRect

QRectF KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::itemRect

Contains the "active" item rectangle that corresponds to the values from the model.

Definition at line 29 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

◆ text

QString KGantt::StyleOptionGanttItem::text

Contains a string printed to the item

Definition at line 32 of file kganttstyleoptionganttitem.h.

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