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KDbDriverManager Class Reference

#include <KDbDriverManager.h>

Public Member Functions

KDbDriverdriver (const QString &id)
QStringList driverIds ()
QStringList driverIdsForMimeType (const QString &mimeType)
const KDbDriverMetaDatadriverMetaData (const QString &id)
bool hasDatabaseServerDrivers ()
QString possibleProblemsMessage () const
KDbResult result () const
KDbResultableresultable () const

Detailed Description

A driver manager for finding and loading driver plugins.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KDbDriverManager()

KDbDriverManager::KDbDriverManager ( )

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◆ ~KDbDriverManager()

KDbDriverManager::~KDbDriverManager ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ driver()

KDbDriver * KDbDriverManager::driver ( const QString & id)

Tries to load db driver with ID id. The lookup is case insensitive.

driver object or nullptr on error. On error status can be obtained using result(). The driver object is owned by KDb internals and is not deleted after this KDbDriverManager object is deleted.
If more than one driver with the same ID found on the search path, first located driver is selected. All other drivers for this ID are skip with a warning "Driver with ID '...' already found at (path) – skipping another at (path). The warning can be suppressed by setting a KDB_NO_DUPLICATED_DRIVER_WARNINGS environment variable.

Definition at line 278 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ driverIds()

QStringList KDbDriverManager::driverIds ( )

returns list of available drivers IDs. That drivers can be loaded by first use of driver() method.

Definition at line 263 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ driverIdsForMimeType()

QStringList KDbDriverManager::driverIdsForMimeType ( const QString & mimeType)

Returns list of driver IDs for mimeType MIME type.

IDs of drivers for file-based databases are only returned. Empty list is returned if no driver has been found for the type or if the type is invalid. Driver supports the supplied MIME type if it is specified as supported in the driver's metadata. If a MIME type alias is supplied, proper type for this alias is resolved and driver IDs for that type are returned. Similarly, if proper MIME type is supplied, IDs are returned for drivers that support any alias for this type.

The lookup is case insensitive.

Definition at line 273 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ driverMetaData()

const KDbDriverMetaData * KDbDriverManager::driverMetaData ( const QString & id)
information (metadata) about driver with ID id. The lookup is case insensitive. The metadata object is owned by KDb internals and is not deleted after this KDbDriverManager object is deleted. nullptr is returned if the metadata has not been found. On error status can be obtained using result().
See also
driver(const QString& id) for information about duplicated drivers.

Definition at line 268 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ hasDatabaseServerDrivers()

bool KDbDriverManager::hasDatabaseServerDrivers ( )
true if there is at least one server-based database driver installed.

Definition at line 297 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ possibleProblemsMessage()

QString KDbDriverManager::possibleProblemsMessage ( ) const
HTML-formatted message about possible problems encountered. It can be displayed in a 'details' section of a GUI message if an error encountered. Currently the message contains a list of incompatible db drivers. Can be used in code that finds driver depending on file format.
make it just QStringList

Definition at line 283 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ result()

KDbResult KDbDriverManager::result ( ) const
result of the recent operation.

Definition at line 253 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

◆ resultable()

KDbResultable * KDbDriverManager::resultable ( ) const
KDbResultable object for the recent operation. It adds serverResultName() in addition to the result().

Definition at line 258 of file KDbDriverManager.cpp.

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