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 CKDbAlterTableHandler::ActionBaseAbstract base class used for implementing all the AlterTable actions
 CKDbAlterTableHandler::ActionBase::DebugOptionsControls debug options for actions. Used in debugString() and debug()
 CKDbAlterTableHandler::ExecutionArgumentsArguments for KDbAlterTableHandler::execute()
 CKDbConnectionDataDatabase specific connection data, e.g. host, port
 CKDbDateGeneric date constant
 CKDbDateTimeGeneric date/time constant
 CKDbDriverBehaviorDetailed definition of driver's default behavior
 CKDbDriverManagerA driver manager for finding and loading driver plugins
 CKDbExpressionBase class for all expressions
 CKDbFieldMeta-data for a field
 CKDbLookupFieldSchemaProvides information about lookup field's setup
 CKDbLookupFieldSchemaRecordSourceRecord source information that can be specified for the lookup field schema
 CKDbMessageGuardA guard class for transmitting messages based on KDbResult
 CKDbNativeStatementBuilderA builder for generating various types of native SQL statements
 CKDbOrderByColumnKDbOrderByColumn provides information about a single query column used for sorting
 CKDbOrderByColumnListKDbOrderByColumnList provides list of sorted columns for a query schema
 CKDbParserA parser tool for SQL statements
 CKDbParserErrorProvides detailed error description about KDbParser
 CKDbQueryColumnInfoHelper class that assigns additional information for the column in a query
 CKDbQuerySchemaParameterA single parameter of a query schema
 CKDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIteratorAn iterator for a list of values of query schema parameters Allows to iterate over parameters and returns QVariant value or well-formatted string
 CKDbRecordDataStructure for storing single record with type information
 CKDbRecordEditBufferData for single edited database record
 CKDbResultableInterface for classes providing a result
 CKDbSelectStatementOptionsOptions used in KDbNativeStatementBuilder::generateSelectStatement()
 CKDbSqlFieldAbstracts low-level information about a single field for KDbSqlResult
 CKDbSqlRecordAbstracts a single record obtained from a KDbSqlResult object
 CKDbSqlResultAbstracts result of a raw SQL query preparation by KDbConnection::prepareSql()
 CKDbSqlStringAbstracts low-level information about a single string value returned by KDbSqlRecord
 CKDbTableSchemaChangeListenerAn interface allowing to listen for table schema changes
 CKDbTableViewColumnDefinition of a single column for table view
 CKDbTimeGeneric time constant
 CKDbTokenA type-safe KDbSQL token It can be used in KDb expressions
 CKDbTransactionThis class encapsulates a single database transaction
 CKDbTransactionDataInternal prototype for storing transaction handle for KDbTransaction object
 CKDbTransactionGuardKDbTransactionGuard class is a convenience class that simplifies handling transactions
 CKDbYearGeneric year constant based on extended ISO 8601 specification
 CKPluginMetaData [external]
 CKDbUtils::PropertyA single property
 CKDbUtils::PropertySetA set of properties
 CQByteArray [external]
 CQHash< Key, T > [external]
 CQHash< QByteArray, KDbUtils::Property * > [external]
 CQHash< QByteArray, QVariant > [external]
 CQList< KDbField * > [external]
 CQList< T > [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CKDbUtils::StaticSetOfStringsA set created from static (0-terminated) array of raw null-terminated strings
 Ctristate3-state logical type with three values: true, false and cancelled and convenient operators
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