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#include <KDbExpressionData.h>

Inheritance diagram for KDbFunctionExpressionData:

Public Member Functions

 KDbFunctionExpressionData (const QString &aName, ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer arguments=ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer())
KDbFunctionExpressionDataclone () override
void getQueryParameters (QList< KDbQuerySchemaParameter > *params) override
void setArguments (ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer arguments)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KDbExpressionData
template<typename T >
T * convert ()
template<typename T >
const T * convertConst () const
QDebug debug (QDebug dbg, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const
bool isDateTimeType () const
bool isFPNumericType () const
bool isIntegerType () const
bool isNumericType () const
bool isTextType () const
bool isValid () const
KDbEscapedString toString (const KDbDriver *driver, KDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIterator *params=nullptr, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack=nullptr) const
KDbField::Type type () const
KDbField::Type type (KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const
bool validate (KDbParseInfo *parseInfo)
bool validate (KDbParseInfo *parseInfo, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSharedData
 QSharedData (const QSharedData &)

Static Public Member Functions

static KDbEscapedString toString (const QString &name, const KDbDriver *driver, const KDbNArgExpressionData *args, KDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIterator *params, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack)

Public Attributes

ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer args
QString name
- Public Attributes inherited from KDbExpressionData
QList< ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointerchildren
KDb::ExpressionClass expressionClass
ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer parent
KDbToken token

Protected Member Functions

void debugInternal (QDebug dbg, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const override
KDbEscapedString toStringInternal (const KDbDriver *driver, KDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIterator *params, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const override
KDbField::Type typeInternal (KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const override
bool validateInternal (KDbParseInfo *parseInfo, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KDbExpressionData
bool addToCallStack (QDebug *dbg, KDb::ExpressionCallStack *callStack) const

Detailed Description

Internal data class used to implement implicitly shared class KDbFunctionExpression.

Provides thread-safe reference counting.

Definition at line 319 of file KDbExpressionData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KDbFunctionExpressionData() [1/2]

KDbFunctionExpressionData::KDbFunctionExpressionData ( )

Definition at line 819 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ KDbFunctionExpressionData() [2/2]

KDbFunctionExpressionData::KDbFunctionExpressionData ( const QString & aName,
ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer arguments = ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer() )

Definition at line 826 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ ~KDbFunctionExpressionData()

KDbFunctionExpressionData::~KDbFunctionExpressionData ( )

Definition at line 835 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

KDbFunctionExpressionData * KDbFunctionExpressionData::clone ( )

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 840 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ debugInternal()

void KDbFunctionExpressionData::debugInternal ( QDebug dbg,
KDb::ExpressionCallStack * callStack ) const

Sends information about this expression to debug output dbg (internal).

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 849 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ getQueryParameters()

void KDbFunctionExpressionData::getQueryParameters ( QList< KDbQuerySchemaParameter > * params)

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 918 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ setArguments()

void KDbFunctionExpressionData::setArguments ( ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer arguments)

Definition at line 1276 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ toString()

KDbEscapedString KDbFunctionExpressionData::toString ( const QString & name,
const KDbDriver * driver,
const KDbNArgExpressionData * args,
KDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIterator * params,
KDb::ExpressionCallStack * callStack )

Definition at line 1287 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ toStringInternal()

KDbEscapedString KDbFunctionExpressionData::toStringInternal ( const KDbDriver * driver,
KDbQuerySchemaParameterValueListIterator * params,
KDb::ExpressionCallStack * callStack ) const

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 870 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ typeInternal()

KDbField::Type KDbFunctionExpressionData::typeInternal ( KDb::ExpressionCallStack * callStack) const

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 924 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

◆ validateInternal()

bool KDbFunctionExpressionData::validateInternal ( KDbParseInfo * parseInfo,
KDb::ExpressionCallStack * callStack )

Validation. Sets field, tablePositionForField and tableForQueryAsterisk members. See addColumn() in parse.y to see how it's used on column adding.

Reimplemented from KDbExpressionData.

Definition at line 1133 of file KDbFunctionExpression.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ args

ExplicitlySharedExpressionDataPointer KDbFunctionExpressionData::args

Definition at line 330 of file KDbExpressionData.h.

◆ name

QString KDbFunctionExpressionData::name

Definition at line 329 of file KDbExpressionData.h.

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