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#include <KDbToken.h>

Public Member Functions

 KDbToken ()
 KDbToken (char charToken)
 KDbToken (const KDbToken &other)
bool isValid () const
QString name () const
bool operator!= (char charToken) const
bool operator!= (KDbToken other) const
void operator= (char charToken)
bool operator== (char charToken) const
bool operator== (KDbToken other) const
char toChar () const
QString toString (const KDbDriver *driver=nullptr) const
int value () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QList< KDbTokenallTokens ()
static QString toString (KDbToken token, const KDbDriver *driver=nullptr)

Static Public Attributes

static const KDbToken AND
static const KDbToken AS
static const KDbToken AS_EMPTY
static const KDbToken ASC
static const KDbToken AUTO_INCREMENT
static const KDbToken BETWEEN
static const KDbToken BETWEEN_AND
static const KDbToken BIT
static const KDbToken BITWISE_SHIFT_LEFT
static const KDbToken BITWISE_SHIFT_RIGHT
static const KDbToken BY
static const KDbToken CONCATENATION
static const KDbToken CREATE
static const KDbToken DATE_CONST
static const KDbToken DATE_TIME_INTEGER
static const KDbToken DATETIME_CONST
static const KDbToken DESC
static const KDbToken DISTINCT
static const KDbToken DOUBLE_QUOTED_STRING
static const KDbToken EXCEPT
static const KDbToken FROM
static const KDbToken GREATER_OR_EQUAL
static const KDbToken IDENTIFIER
static const KDbToken ILIKE
static const KDbToken INTEGER_CONST
static const KDbToken INTERSECT
static const KDbToken JOIN
static const KDbToken KEY
static const KDbToken LEFT
static const KDbToken LESS_OR_EQUAL
static const KDbToken LIKE
static const int maxCharTokenValue = 253
static const int maxTokenValue = YYMAXUTOK
static const KDbToken NOT
static const KDbToken NOT_BETWEEN
static const KDbToken NOT_BETWEEN_AND
static const KDbToken NOT_EQUAL
static const KDbToken NOT_EQUAL2
static const KDbToken NOT_LIKE
static const KDbToken NOT_SIMILAR_TO
static const KDbToken OR
static const KDbToken ORDER
static const KDbToken PRIMARY
static const KDbToken QUERY_PARAMETER
static const KDbToken REAL_CONST
static const KDbToken RIGHT
static const KDbToken SCAN_ERROR
static const KDbToken SELECT
static const KDbToken SIMILAR_TO
static const KDbToken SQL
static const KDbToken SQL_FALSE
static const KDbToken SQL_IN
static const KDbToken SQL_IS
static const KDbToken SQL_IS_NOT_NULL
static const KDbToken SQL_IS_NULL
static const KDbToken SQL_NULL
static const KDbToken SQL_ON
static const KDbToken SQL_TRUE
static const KDbToken SQL_TYPE
static const KDbToken TABLE
static const KDbToken TABS_OR_SPACES
static const KDbToken TIME_AM
static const KDbToken TIME_CONST
static const KDbToken TIME_PM
static const KDbToken UMINUS
static const KDbToken UNION
static const KDbToken VARCHAR
static const KDbToken WHERE
static const KDbToken XOR

Detailed Description

A type-safe KDbSQL token It can be used in KDb expressions.

See also

Definition at line 36 of file KDbToken.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KDbToken() [1/2]

KDbToken::KDbToken ( )

Creates an invalid token.

add KDbToken(const QByteArray &name)

Definition at line 42 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ KDbToken() [2/2]

KDbToken::KDbToken ( char  charToken)

Creates a single-character token Only characters that belong to the grammar are accepted: ';' ',' '.

' '>' '<' '=' '+' '-' '&' '|' '/' '*' '' '~' '#' ':' '(' ')' Invalid KDbToken is created for character that is not accepted.

Definition at line 33 of file KDbToken.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isValid()

bool KDbToken::isValid ( ) const
true if this token is valid

Definition at line 53 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ name()

QString KDbToken::name ( ) const
name of this token Useful for debugging. For example "NOT_EQUAL" string is returned for the NOT_EQUAL token. A single character is returned for printable single-character tokens. A number is returned for non-printable single-character. "<INVALID_TOKEN>" is returned for an invalid string.

Definition at line 38 of file KDbToken.cpp.

◆ operator!=() [1/2]

bool KDbToken::operator!= ( char  charToken) const
true if this token is not equal to other token

Definition at line 97 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ operator!=() [2/2]

bool KDbToken::operator!= ( KDbToken  other) const
true if this token is not equal to other token

Definition at line 91 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ operator=()

void KDbToken::operator= ( char  charToken)

Assigns a token.

Definition at line 100 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ operator==() [1/2]

bool KDbToken::operator== ( char  charToken) const
true if this token is equal to other token

Definition at line 94 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ operator==() [2/2]

bool KDbToken::operator== ( KDbToken  other) const
true if this token is equal to other token

Definition at line 88 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ toChar()

char KDbToken::toChar ( ) const
character equivalent of this token Only character-based tokens are supported this way (toInt() <= maxCharTokenValue). For unsupported tokens nullptr is returned.

Definition at line 82 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ toString() [1/2]

QString KDbToken::toString ( const KDbDriver driver = nullptr) const
string interpretation of this token (as visibe to the user) For example "<>" is returned for the NOT_EQUAL token. Empty string is returned for an invalid string The result may depend on the optional driver parameter. If driver is nullptr, representation for portable KDbSQL dialect is returned.

Definition at line 54 of file KDbToken.cpp.

◆ toString() [2/2]

QString KDbToken::toString ( KDbToken  token,
const KDbDriver driver = nullptr 

Like toString(const KDbDriver *driver)

Definition at line 92 of file KDbToken.cpp.

◆ value()

int KDbToken::value ( ) const
numeric value of this token

Definition at line 85 of file KDbToken.h.

Member Data Documentation


const KDbToken KDbToken::BETWEEN_AND

Custom tokens are not used in parser but used as an extension in expression classes.

Definition at line 173 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ maxCharTokenValue

const int KDbToken::maxCharTokenValue = 253

Maximum character token value (253)

Definition at line 74 of file KDbToken.h.

◆ maxTokenValue

const int KDbToken::maxTokenValue = YYMAXUTOK

Maximum character token value.

Definition at line 77 of file KDbToken.h.

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