Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CKColorCollectionClass for handling color collections ("palettes")
 CKComposedPropertyCreatorCreator returning composed property object
 CKComposedPropertyInterfaceAn interface for for composed property handlers
 CKPropertyThe base class representing a single property
 CKPropertyBoolEditorA bool editor supporting two states: true and false
 CKPropertyColorComboEditorColor combo box
 CKPropertyComposedUrlA data structure that composes absolute and relative URLs
 CKPropertyComposedUrlEditorEditor for ComposedUrl type
 CKPropertyDoubleSpinBoxDouble editor
 CKPropertyEditorCreatorCreator returning editor
 CKPropertyEditorCreatorInterfaceAn interface for editor widget creators
 CKPropertyEditorCreatorOptionsOptions for altering the editor widget creation process
 CKPropertyEditorItemEventDescribes request for handling a single property editor widget item's event
 CKPropertyEditorViewA widget for editing properties
 CKPropertyGenericSelectionEditorA base class for use by editors that have widget on the left and "..." select button on the right
 CKPropertyGroupWidgetA container widget that can be used to split information into hideable sections for a property editor-like panes
 CKPropertyIntSpinBoxA delegate supporting Int and UInt types
 CKPropertyIntSpinBoxDelegateA delegate supporting Int, UInt, LongLong and ULongLong types
 CKPropertyLabelLabel widget that can be used for displaying text-based read-only items Used in KPropertyLabelCreator
 CKPropertyLineStyleComboEditorLine style combo box (KProperty::LineStyle, equivalent of Qt::PenStyle)
 CKPropertyListDataA data container for properties of list type
 CKPropertyMultiLineStringEditorEditor for string type supporting multiple lines of plain text
 CKPropertySelectorAn interface for functor selecting properties
 CKPropertySetSet of properties
 CKPropertySetBufferA property set's buffer
 CKPropertySetIteratorA class to iterate over a KPropertySet
 CKPropertyThreeStateBoolEditorA bool editor supporting three states: true, false and null
 CKPropertyUrlDelegateDelegate for Url and ComposedUrl types
 CKPropertyUrlEditorEditor for Url type
 CKPropertyValueDisplayInterfaceProvides a specialized conversion of value to string depending on type
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