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QCPFinancialData Member List

This is the complete list of members for QCPFinancialData, including all inherited members.

close (defined in QCPFinancialData)QCPFinancialData
fromSortKey(double sortKey)QCPFinancialDatainlinestatic
high (defined in QCPFinancialData)QCPFinancialData
key (defined in QCPFinancialData)QCPFinancialData
low (defined in QCPFinancialData)QCPFinancialData
mainKey() constQCPFinancialDatainline
mainValue() constQCPFinancialDatainline
open (defined in QCPFinancialData)QCPFinancialData
QCPFinancialData(double key, double open, double high, double low, double close)QCPFinancialData
sortKey() constQCPFinancialDatainline
valueRange() constQCPFinancialDatainline
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