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#include <MarbleLocale.h>

Public Types

enum  MeasurementSystem { MetricSystem = 0, ImperialSystem, NauticalSystem }
enum  MeasureUnit {
  Meter = 0, Kilometer, Milimeter, Centimeter,
  Foot, Inch, Yard, Mile,

Public Member Functions

MarbleLocale::MeasurementSystem measurementSystem () const
void setMeasurementSystem (MarbleLocale::MeasurementSystem measurementSystem)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString languageCode ()
static void meterToTargetUnit (qreal meters, MeasurementSystem targetSystem, qreal &targetValue, MeasureUnit &targetUnit)
static QString unitAbbreviation (MeasureUnit unit)

Detailed Description

A class that contains all localization stuff for Marble.

The class stores properties like the measurement system.

Definition at line 26 of file MarbleLocale.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ meterToTargetUnit()

void Marble::MarbleLocale::meterToTargetUnit ( qreal  meters,
MeasurementSystem  targetSystem,
qreal &  targetValue,
MeasureUnit &  targetUnit 

meterToCustomUnit Converts meters to targetValue of targetUnit in targetSystem

Definition at line 48 of file MarbleLocale.cpp.

◆ unitAbbreviation()

QString Marble::MarbleLocale::unitAbbreviation ( MeasureUnit  unit)

unitAbbreviation Represents a short string form of unit, e.g.

"km" for Kilometer

Definition at line 115 of file MarbleLocale.cpp.

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