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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CMarble::AbstractProjectionA base class for all projections in Marble
 CMarble::BillboardGraphicsItemBase class for all 2D labels (a.k.a
 CMarble::DialogConfigurationInterfaceThis interface allows a plugin to provide a QWidget-based configuration dialog which is accessible within Marble's own configuration dialog
 CMarble::GeoDataCoordinatesA 3d point representation
 CMarble::GeoDataDocumentWriterWrite GeoDataDocument content to I/O devices (e.g
 CMarble::GeoDocumentA shared base class between GeoDataDocument/GeoSourceDocument
 CMarble::GeoNodeA shared base class for all classes that are mapped to a specific tag (ie
 CMarble::GeoSceneAbstractTileProjectionA base class for projections between tile indizes and geo coordinates in Marble
 CMarble::GeoTagHandlerA base class for XML tag handlers This is a base class that is used in the GeoParser architecture
 CMarble::GeoTagWriterBase class intended to be subclassed by specific XML tag writers This class provides a base class that allows the writing of many different XML formats
 CMarble::GeoUriParserA class for parsing Geo: URIs
 CMarble::GeoWriterBackendRegistrarHelper class for writer backend registration
 CMarble::InstructionTransformationTransforms waypoints and metadata into driving directions
 CMarble::KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriterNot a standard GeoTagWriter extension because the osm data fields have to be written in relation to the placemark's geometry
 CMarble::LabelGraphicsItemA label item provides an Item that displays text or images/pixmaps
 CMarble::MarbleDirsA class that manages data look-up for Marble
 CMarble::MarbleLocaleA class that contains all localization stuff for Marble
 CMarble::OsmIdentifierIdentifier for an OSM element
 CMarble::OsmObjectManagerUsed to assign osmData to placemarks that do not have them at write time
 CMarble::PlanetFactoryStatic methods to construct any planet known to Marble
 CMarble::PluginInterfaceThis class specifies interface of a Marble plugin
 CQMap< QString, QString > [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQPainter [external]
 CQRunnable [external]
 CQXmlStreamWriter [external]
 CMarble::RoutingInstructionStores data related to one instruction: Road name, angle to predecessor, associated waypoints etc
 CMarble::RoutingPointThere are many Point classes, but this is mine
 CMarble::RoutingWaypointStores one line of gosmore/routino output
 CMarble::TemplateDocumentThe Template Document
 CMarble::TileA class that resembles a tile (then it is extended to TextureTile or Vectortile)
 CMarble::TileCreatorSourceBase Class for custom tile source
 CMarble::ViewParamsA public class that controls the painting of a MarbleWidget
 CMarble::ViewportParamsA public class that controls what is visible in the viewport of a Marble map
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