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Marble::GeoDataDocument Class Reference

#include <GeoDataDocument.h>

Inheritance diagram for Marble::GeoDataDocument:

Public Member Functions

 GeoDataDocument (const GeoDataDocument &other)
void addSchema (const GeoDataSchema &schema)
void addStyle (const GeoDataStyle::Ptr &style)
void addStyleMap (const GeoDataStyleMap &map)
QString baseUri () const
GeoDataFeatureclone () const override
DocumentRole documentRole () const
QString fileName () const
bool isGeoDataDocument () const override
GeoDataNetworkLinkControl networkLinkControl () const
const char * nodeType () const override
bool operator!= (const GeoDataDocument &other) const
GeoDataDocumentoperator= (const GeoDataDocument &other)
bool operator== (const GeoDataDocument &other) const
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
QString property () const
void removeSchema (const QString &schemaId)
void removeStyle (const QString &styleId)
void removeStyleMap (const QString &mapId)
GeoDataSchema & schema (const QString &schemaId)
GeoDataSchema schema (const QString &schemaId) const
QList< GeoDataSchema > schemas () const
void setBaseUri (const QString &baseUri)
void setDocumentRole (DocumentRole role)
void setFileName (const QString &value)
void setNetworkLinkControl (const GeoDataNetworkLinkControl &networkLinkControl)
void setProperty (const QString &property)
GeoDataStyle::Ptr style (const QString &styleId)
GeoDataStyle::ConstPtr style (const QString &styleId) const
GeoDataStyleMapstyleMap (const QString &styleId)
GeoDataStyleMap styleMap (const QString &styleId) const
QList< GeoDataStyleMapstyleMaps () const
QList< GeoDataStyle::Ptrstyles ()
QList< GeoDataStyle::ConstPtrstyles () const
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDocument
virtual bool isGeoSceneDocument () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataContainer
 GeoDataContainer ()
 GeoDataContainer (const GeoDataContainer &other)
 ~GeoDataContainer () override
void append (GeoDataFeature *other)
GeoDataFeatureat (int pos)
const GeoDataFeatureat (int pos) const
QVector< GeoDataFeature * >::Iterator begin ()
GeoDataFeaturechild (int)
const GeoDataFeaturechild (int) const
int childPosition (const GeoDataFeature *child) const
void clear ()
QVector< GeoDataFeature * >::ConstIterator constBegin () const
QVector< GeoDataFeature * >::ConstIterator constEnd () const
QVector< GeoDataFeature * >::Iterator end ()
QVector< GeoDataFeature * > featureList () const
GeoDataFeaturefirst ()
const GeoDataFeaturefirst () const
QVector< GeoDataFolder * > folderList () const
GEODATA_DEPRECATED void insert (GeoDataFeature *other, int index)
void insert (int index, GeoDataFeature *feature)
bool isEmpty () const
GeoDataFeaturelast ()
const GeoDataFeaturelast () const
GeoDataLatLonAltBox latLonAltBox () const
GeoDataContaineroperator= (const GeoDataContainer &other)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
QVector< GeoDataPlacemark * > placemarkList () const
void remove (int index)
void remove (int index, int count)
int removeAll (GeoDataFeature *feature)
void removeAt (int index)
void removeFirst ()
void removeLast ()
bool removeOne (GeoDataFeature *feature)
int size () const
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataFeature
 GeoDataFeature (const GeoDataFeature &other)
 GeoDataFeature (const QString &name)
GeoDataAbstractViewabstractView ()
const GeoDataAbstractViewabstractView () const
QString address () const
QSharedPointer< const GeoDataStylecustomStyle () const
QString description () const
bool descriptionIsCDATA () const
GeoDataExtendedDataextendedData ()
const GeoDataExtendedDataextendedData () const
EnumFeatureId featureId () const
bool isGloballyVisible () const
bool isVisible () const
QString name () const
bool operator!= (const GeoDataFeature &other) const
GeoDataFeatureoperator= (const GeoDataFeature &other)
bool operator== (const GeoDataFeature &other) const
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
QString phoneNumber () const
qint64 popularity () const
GeoDataRegionregion ()
const GeoDataRegionregion () const
const QString role () const
void setAbstractView (GeoDataAbstractView *abstractView)
void setAddress (const QString &value)
void setDescription (const QString &value)
void setDescriptionCDATA (bool cdata)
void setExtendedData (const GeoDataExtendedData &extendedData)
void setName (const QString &value)
void setPhoneNumber (const QString &value)
void setPopularity (qint64 popularity)
void setRegion (const GeoDataRegion &region)
void setRole (const QString &role)
void setSnippet (const GeoDataSnippet &value)
void setStyle (const QSharedPointer< GeoDataStyle > &style)
void setStyleMap (const GeoDataStyleMap *map)
void setStyleUrl (const QString &value)
void setTimeSpan (const GeoDataTimeSpan &timeSpan)
void setTimeStamp (const GeoDataTimeStamp &timeStamp)
void setVisible (bool value)
void setZoomLevel (int index)
GeoDataSnippet snippet () const
QSharedPointer< const GeoDataStylestyle () const
const GeoDataStyleMapstyleMap () const
QString styleUrl () const
GeoDataTimeSpan & timeSpan ()
const GeoDataTimeSpan & timeSpan () const
GeoDataTimeStamp & timeStamp ()
const GeoDataTimeStamp & timeStamp () const
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
int zoomLevel () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
 GeoDataObject (const GeoDataObject &)
QString id () const
GeoDataObjectoperator= (const GeoDataObject &)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
GeoDataObjectparent ()
const GeoDataObjectparent () const
QString resolvePath (const QString &relativePath) const
void setId (const QString &value)
void setParent (GeoDataObject *parent)
void setTargetId (const QString &value)
QString targetId () const
void unpack (QDataStream &steam) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataContainer
 GeoDataContainer (const GeoDataContainer &other, GeoDataContainerPrivate *priv)
 GeoDataContainer (GeoDataContainerPrivate *priv)
bool equals (const GeoDataContainer &other) const
bool equals (const GeoDataFeature &other) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataFeature
 GeoDataFeature (const GeoDataFeature &other, GeoDataFeaturePrivate *dd)
 GeoDataFeature (GeoDataFeaturePrivate *dd)
bool equals (const GeoDataFeature &other) const
virtual bool equals (const GeoDataObject &other) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
virtual bool equals (const GeoDataObject &other) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Marble::GeoDataFeature
GeoDataFeaturePrivate *const d_ptr

Detailed Description

A container for Features, Styles and in the future Schemas.

A GeoDataDocument is a container for features, styles, and schemas. This element is required if your KML file uses schemas or shared styles. It is recommended that all Styles be defined in a Document, each with an id, and then later referenced by a styleUrl for a given Feature or StyleMap.

Definition at line 48 of file GeoDataDocument.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSchema()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::addSchema ( const GeoDataSchema &  schema)

Add a schema to simplemap storage.

schemathe new schema

Definition at line 234 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ addStyle()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::addStyle ( const GeoDataStyle::Ptr style)

Add a style to the style storage.

stylethe new style

Definition at line 157 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ addStyleMap()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::addStyleMap ( const GeoDataStyleMap map)

Add a stylemap to the stylemap storage.

mapthe new stylemap

Definition at line 203 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ baseUri()

QString Marble::GeoDataDocument::baseUri ( ) const

The URI relative paths should be resolved against.

Definition at line 133 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ clone()

GeoDataFeature * Marble::GeoDataDocument::clone ( ) const

Duplicate into another equal instance.

Implements Marble::GeoDataFeature.

Definition at line 92 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ fileName()

QString Marble::GeoDataDocument::fileName ( ) const

The filename of the document.

The filename of the document is used internally to identify the files. it should never be empty as this could lead to potential collisions.

The filename of this document

Definition at line 121 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ isGeoDataDocument()

bool Marble::GeoDataDocument::isGeoDataDocument ( ) const

Provides type information for downcasting a GeoData.

Reimplemented from Marble::GeoDocument.

Definition at line 66 of file GeoDataDocument.h.

◆ networkLinkControl()

GeoDataNetworkLinkControl Marble::GeoDataDocument::networkLinkControl ( ) const

the NetworkLinkControl of the file

Definition at line 145 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ nodeType()

const char * Marble::GeoDataDocument::nodeType ( ) const

Provides type information for downcasting a GeoNode.

Implements Marble::GeoNode.

Definition at line 86 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ removeSchema()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::removeSchema ( const QString schemaId)

remove a schema from schema storage

schemaIdthe of schema to be removed

Definition at line 241 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ removeStyle()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::removeStyle ( const QString styleId)

Add a style to the style storage.

styleIdthe new style

Definition at line 164 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ removeStyleMap()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::removeStyleMap ( const QString mapId)

remove stylemap from storage

mapIdthe styleId of the styleMap to be removed

Definition at line 210 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ schema()

GeoDataSchema Marble::GeoDataDocument::schema ( const QString schemaId) const

Returns a schema with id = schemaId form schema storage.

schemaIdThe id of schema to be returned

Definition at line 248 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ schemas()

QList< GeoDataSchema > Marble::GeoDataDocument::schemas ( ) const

dump a vector of all schemas

Definition at line 260 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ setBaseUri()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::setBaseUri ( const QString baseUri)

Change the URI for resolving relative paths.


Definition at line 139 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ setFileName()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::setFileName ( const QString value)

Set a new file name for this document.

valuethe new name

Definition at line 127 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ setNetworkLinkControl()

void Marble::GeoDataDocument::setNetworkLinkControl ( const GeoDataNetworkLinkControl &  networkLinkControl)

set the NetworkLinkControl of the file

Definition at line 151 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ style()

GeoDataStyle::Ptr Marble::GeoDataDocument::style ( const QString styleId)

Return a style in the style storage.

styleIdthe id of the style

Definition at line 170 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ styleMap()

GeoDataStyleMap & Marble::GeoDataDocument::styleMap ( const QString styleId)

Return a style in the style storage.

styleIdthe id of the style

Definition at line 216 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ styleMaps()

QList< GeoDataStyleMap > Marble::GeoDataDocument::styleMaps ( ) const

dump a Vector of all stylemaps

Definition at line 228 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

◆ styles()

QList< GeoDataStyle::Ptr > Marble::GeoDataDocument::styles ( )

dump a Vector of all styles

Definition at line 186 of file GeoDataDocument.cpp.

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