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Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox Class Reference

#include <GeoDataLatLonAltBox.h>

Inheritance diagram for Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox:

Public Member Functions

 GeoDataLatLonAltBox (const GeoDataCoordinates &coordinates)
 GeoDataLatLonAltBox (const GeoDataLatLonAltBox &other)
 GeoDataLatLonAltBox (const GeoDataLatLonBox &other, qreal minAltitude, qreal maxAltitude)
AltitudeMode altitudeMode () const
GeoDataCoordinates center () const override
void clear () override
bool contains (const GeoDataCoordinates &) const override
bool contains (const GeoDataLatLonAltBox &) const
virtual bool intersects (const GeoDataLatLonAltBox &) const
virtual bool intersects (const GeoDataLatLonBox &) const
bool isNull () const override
qreal maxAltitude () const
qreal minAltitude () const
const char * nodeType () const override
GeoDataLatLonAltBoxoperator= (const GeoDataCoordinates &other)
GeoDataLatLonAltBoxoperator= (const GeoDataLatLonAltBox &other)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
uint qHash (const GeoDataLatLonAltBox &)
void setAltitudeMode (const AltitudeMode altitudeMode)
void setMaxAltitude (const qreal maxAltitude)
void setMinAltitude (const qreal minAltitude)
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataLatLonBox
 GeoDataLatLonBox (const GeoDataLatLonBox &)
 GeoDataLatLonBox (qreal north, qreal south, qreal east, qreal west, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void boundaries (qreal &north, qreal &south, qreal &east, qreal &west, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
bool contains (const GeoDataLatLonBox &) const
bool contains (qreal lon, qreal lat) const
bool containsPole (Pole pole=AnyPole) const
bool crossesDateLine () const
qreal east (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
qreal height (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
virtual bool intersects (const GeoDataLatLonBox &) const
virtual bool isEmpty () const
const char * nodeType () const override
qreal north (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
GeoDataLatLonBoxoperator= (const GeoDataLatLonBox &other)
GeoDataLatLonBox operator| (const GeoDataLatLonBox &other) const
GeoDataLatLonBoxoperator|= (const GeoDataLatLonBox &other)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
qreal rotation (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
void scale (qreal verticalFactor, qreal horizontalFactor) const
GeoDataLatLonBox scaled (qreal verticalFactor, qreal horizontalFactor) const
void setBoundaries (qreal north, qreal south, qreal east, qreal west, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void setEast (const qreal east, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void setNorth (const qreal north, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void setRotation (const qreal rotation, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void setSouth (const qreal south, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
void setWest (const qreal west, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
qreal south (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
GeoDataLatLonBox toCircumscribedRectangle () const
GeoDataLatLonBox united (const GeoDataLatLonBox &other) const
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
qreal west (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
qreal width (GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
 GeoDataObject (const GeoDataObject &)
QString id () const
GeoDataObjectoperator= (const GeoDataObject &)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
GeoDataObjectparent ()
const GeoDataObjectparent () const
QString resolvePath (const QString &relativePath) const
void setId (const QString &value)
void setParent (GeoDataObject *parent)
void setTargetId (const QString &value)
QString targetId () const
void unpack (QDataStream &steam) override

Static Public Member Functions

static GeoDataLatLonAltBox fromLineString (const GeoDataLineString &lineString)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataLatLonBox
static bool crossesDateLine (qreal east, qreal west)
static GeoDataLatLonBox fromLineString (const GeoDataLineString &lineString)
static bool fuzzyCompare (const GeoDataLatLonBox &lhs, const GeoDataLatLonBox &rhs, const qreal factor=0.01)
static qreal height (qreal north, qreal south, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)
static qreal width (qreal east, qreal west, GeoDataCoordinates::Unit unit=GeoDataCoordinates::Radian)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
virtual bool equals (const GeoDataObject &other) const

Detailed Description

A class that defines a 3D bounding box for geographic data.

GeoDataLatLonAltBox is a 3D bounding box that describes a geographic area in terms of latitude, longitude and altitude.

The bounding box gets described by assigning the northern, southern, eastern and western boundary. So usually the value of the eastern boundary is bigger than the value of the western boundary. Only if the bounding box crosses the date line then the eastern boundary has got a smaller value than the western one.

Definition at line 42 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GeoDataLatLonAltBox()

Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::GeoDataLatLonAltBox ( const GeoDataCoordinates coordinates)

A LatLonAltBox with the data from a GeoDataCoordinate This way of creating a GeoDataLatLonAltBox sets the north and south values of this box to the Latitude value in the GeoDataCoordinate, resulting in a Box that has a 0 Area.

This is useful for building LatLonAltBoxes from GeoDataCoordinates.

Definition at line 94 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ altitudeMode()

AltitudeMode Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::altitudeMode ( ) const

Get the reference system for the altitude.

the point of reference which marks the origin for measuring the altitude.

Definition at line 138 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ center()

GeoDataCoordinates Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::center ( ) const

returns the center of this box

a coordinate, body-center of the box

Reimplemented from Marble::GeoDataLatLonBox.

Definition at line 143 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ clear()

void Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::clear ( )

Resets the bounding box to its uninitialised state (and thus contains nothing).

Reimplemented from Marble::GeoDataLatLonBox.

Definition at line 254 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ fromLineString()

GeoDataLatLonAltBox Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::fromLineString ( const GeoDataLineString lineString)

Create the smallest bounding box from a line string.

the smallest bounding box that contains the linestring.

Definition at line 207 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ intersects()

bool Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::intersects ( const GeoDataLatLonAltBox other) const

Check if this GeoDataLatLonAltBox intersects with the given one.

Definition at line 188 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ isNull()

bool Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::isNull ( ) const

Indicates whether the bounding box only contains a single 2D point ("singularity").

Return value is true if the height and the width of the bounding box equal zero.

Reimplemented from Marble::GeoDataLatLonBox.

Definition at line 249 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ maxAltitude()

qreal Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::maxAltitude ( ) const

Get the upper altitude boundary of the bounding box.

the height of the upper altitude boundary in meters.

Definition at line 128 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ minAltitude()

qreal Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::minAltitude ( ) const

Get the lower altitude boundary of the bounding box.

the height of the lower altitude boundary in meters.

Definition at line 118 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ nodeType()

const char * Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::nodeType ( ) const

Provides type information for downcasting a GeoData.

Implements Marble::GeoNode.

Definition at line 113 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ pack()

void Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::pack ( QDataStream stream) const

Serialize the contents of the feature to stream.

Definition at line 262 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

◆ qHash()

uint Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::qHash ( const GeoDataLatLonAltBox )

qHash, for using GeoDataLatLonAltBox in a QCache as Key

the hash of the GeoDataLatLonAltBox

◆ unpack()

void Marble::GeoDataLatLonAltBox::unpack ( QDataStream stream)

Unserialize the contents of the feature from stream.

Definition at line 270 of file GeoDataLatLonAltBox.cpp.

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