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Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry Class Reference

#include <GeoDataMultiGeometry.h>

Inheritance diagram for Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry:

Public Member Functions

 GeoDataMultiGeometry (const GeoDataGeometry &other)
void append (GeoDataGeometry *other)
GeoDataGeometryat (int pos)
const GeoDataGeometryat (int pos) const
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator begin ()
GeoDataGeometrychild (int)
const GeoDataGeometrychild (int) const
int childPosition (const GeoDataGeometry *child) const
void clear ()
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::ConstIterator constBegin () const
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::ConstIterator constEnd () const
GeoDataGeometrycopy () const override
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator end ()
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator erase (QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator begin, QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator end)
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator erase (QVector< GeoDataGeometry * >::Iterator pos)
GeoDataGeometryfirst ()
const GeoDataGeometryfirst () const
EnumGeometryId geometryId () const override
GeoDataGeometrylast ()
const GeoDataGeometrylast () const
const GeoDataLatLonAltBoxlatLonAltBox () const override
const char * nodeType () const override
bool operator!= (const GeoDataMultiGeometry &other) const
GeoDataMultiGeometryoperator<< (const GeoDataGeometry &value)
bool operator== (const GeoDataMultiGeometry &other) const
GeoDataGeometryoperator[] (int pos)
const GeoDataGeometryoperator[] (int pos) const
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
int size () const
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
QVector< GeoDataGeometry * > vector ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataGeometry
AltitudeMode altitudeMode () const
void detach ()
bool extrude () const
bool operator!= (const GeoDataGeometry &other) const
bool operator== (const GeoDataGeometry &other) const
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
void setAltitudeMode (const AltitudeMode altitudeMode)
void setExtrude (bool extrude)
void unpack (QDataStream &stream) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
 GeoDataObject (const GeoDataObject &)
QString id () const
GeoDataObjectoperator= (const GeoDataObject &)
void pack (QDataStream &stream) const override
GeoDataObjectparent ()
const GeoDataObjectparent () const
QString resolvePath (const QString &relativePath) const
void setId (const QString &value)
void setParent (GeoDataObject *parent)
void setTargetId (const QString &value)
QString targetId () const
void unpack (QDataStream &steam) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataGeometry
 GeoDataGeometry (const GeoDataGeometry &other)
 GeoDataGeometry (GeoDataGeometryPrivate *priv)
bool equals (const GeoDataGeometry &other) const
virtual bool equals (const GeoDataObject &other) const
GeoDataGeometryoperator= (const GeoDataGeometry &other)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Marble::GeoDataObject
virtual bool equals (const GeoDataObject &other) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Marble::GeoDataGeometry
GeoDataGeometryPrivate * d_ptr

Detailed Description

A class that can contain other GeoDataGeometry objects.

GeoDataMultiGeometry is a collection of other GeoDataGeometry objects. As one can add GeoDataMultiGeometry to itself, you can make up a collection of different objects to form one Placemark.

Definition at line 28 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ append()

void Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry::append ( GeoDataGeometry other)

add an element

Definition at line 224 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.cpp.

◆ child() [1/2]

GeoDataGeometry * Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry::child ( int  i)

returns the requested child item

Definition at line 193 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.cpp.

◆ child() [2/2]

const GeoDataGeometry * Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry::child ( int  i) const

returns the requested child item

Definition at line 201 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.cpp.

◆ childPosition()

int Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry::childPosition ( const GeoDataGeometry child) const

returns the position of an item in the list

Definition at line 210 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.cpp.

◆ nodeType()

const char * Marble::GeoDataMultiGeometry::nodeType ( ) const

Provides type information for downcasting a GeoNode.

Implements Marble::GeoNode.

Definition at line 38 of file GeoDataMultiGeometry.cpp.

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