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#include <GeoTagWriter.h>

Inherited by Marble::DgmlDocumentTagWriter, Marble::DgmlGeodataTagWriter, Marble::DgmlHeadTagWriter, Marble::DgmlItemTagWriter, Marble::DgmlLayerTagWriter, Marble::DgmlLegendTagWriter, Marble::DgmlMapTagWriter, Marble::DgmlSectionTagWriter, Marble::DgmlSettingsTagWriter, Marble::DgmlTagWriter, Marble::DgmlTextureTagWriter, Marble::DgmlVectorTagWriter, Marble::KmlAnimatedUpdateTagWriter, Marble::KmlBalloonStyleTagWriter, Marble::KmlCameraTagWriter, Marble::KmlColorStyleTagWriter, Marble::KmlDataTagWriter, Marble::KmlExtendedDataTagWriter, Marble::KmlFeatureTagWriter, Marble::KmlFlyToTagWriter, Marble::KmlLatLonAltBoxWriter, Marble::KmlLatLonBoxWriter, Marble::KmlLatLonQuadWriter, Marble::KmlLineStringTagWriter, Marble::KmlLinearRingTagWriter, Marble::KmlLinkTagWriter, Marble::KmlListStyleTagWriter, Marble::KmlLodTagWriter, Marble::KmlLookAtTagWriter, Marble::KmlModelTagWriter, Marble::KmlMultiGeometryTagWriter, Marble::KmlMultiTrackTagWriter, Marble::KmlNetworkLinkControlTagWriter, Marble::KmlNetworkLinkTagWriter, Marble::KmlPlaylistTagWriter, Marble::KmlPointTagWriter, Marble::KmlPolygonTagWriter, Marble::KmlRegionTagWriter, Marble::KmlSchemaDataTagWriter, Marble::KmlSchemaTagWriter, Marble::KmlSimpleDataTagWriter, Marble::KmlSimpleFieldTagWriter, Marble::KmlStyleMapTagWriter, Marble::KmlStyleTagWriter, Marble::KmlTagWriter, Marble::KmlTimeSpanWriter, Marble::KmlTimeStampTagWriter, Marble::KmlTrackWriter, and Marble::KmlUpdateTagWriter.

Public Types

typedef QPair< QString, QStringQualifiedName

Public Member Functions

virtual bool write (const GeoNode *node, GeoWriter &writer) const =0

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool writeElement (const GeoNode *object, GeoWriter &writer)

Detailed Description

Base class intended to be subclassed by specific XML tag writers This class provides a base class that allows the writing of many different XML formats.

The system used to implement this writing system is very strongly based on the

See also
GeoTagHandler system.

Definition at line 27 of file GeoTagWriter.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ QualifiedName

Object Name and Namespace Pair This type is intended to be used in a similar way to.

See also
GeoParser::QualifiedName but in practice will act differently. The Namespace will not be an XML namespace directly but instead it will refere to a Document Type so that the GeoWriter will be able to identify what GeoTagWriter to use even in absence of an XML namespace. This also allows for the case where data using an internal representation of the KML classes can be outputted in alternative XML formats. For XML formats that have namespaces this document type will usually correspond with the XML namespace. Use in the order QPair<QString tagName, QString documentType>.

Definition at line 44 of file GeoTagWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GeoTagWriter()

Marble::GeoTagWriter::GeoTagWriter ( )

Definition at line 16 of file GeoTagWriter.cpp.

◆ ~GeoTagWriter()

Marble::GeoTagWriter::~GeoTagWriter ( )

Definition at line 20 of file GeoTagWriter.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ writeElement()

bool Marble::GeoTagWriter::writeElement ( const GeoNode * object,
GeoWriter & writer )

Definition at line 24 of file GeoTagWriter.cpp.

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