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Marble::KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter Class Reference

#include <KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool write (const GeoDataFeature *feature, GeoWriter &writer)
static bool writeOsmData (const GeoDataGeometry *geometry, const OsmPlacemarkData &osmData, GeoWriter &writer)

Detailed Description

The KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter class is not a standard GeoTagWriter extension because the osm data fields have to be written in relation to the placemark's geometry.

Definition at line 22 of file KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ write()

bool Marble::KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter::write ( const GeoDataFeature * feature,
GeoWriter & writer )

write function writes a custom XML schema made to store OsmPlacemarkData in a valid KML context

See also

The custom schema has the following structure ( most complex one, for polygons ):

<ExtendedData xmlns:mx="">
<mx:OsmPlacemarkData id=...>
<mx:tag k="key" v="value"/>
.. more tags
<mx:member index="-1"> //outer boundary
<mx:OsmPlacemarkData id=...>
<mx:nd index="0">
<mx:OsmPlacemarkData id= .../> //nd #0
<mx:nd index="1">
<mx:OsmPlacemarkData id= .../> //nd #1
... more nds
<mx:member index="0"> //first inner boundary
... more inner boundaries
This class is used to encapsulate the osm data fields kept within a placemark's extendedData.
Wraps a GeoDataPlacemark for QML access.
Definition Placemark.h:22

Definition at line 22 of file KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter.cpp.

◆ writeOsmData()

bool Marble::KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter::writeOsmData ( const GeoDataGeometry * geometry,
const OsmPlacemarkData & osmData,
GeoWriter & writer )

Definition at line 47 of file KmlOsmPlacemarkDataTagWriter.cpp.

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