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Okular::RenditionAction Class Reference

#include <action.h>

Inheritance diagram for Okular::RenditionAction:

Public Types

enum  OperationType {
  None , Play , Stop , Pause ,
- Public Types inherited from Okular::Action
enum  ActionType {
  Goto , Execute , Browse , DocAction ,
  Sound , Movie , Script , Rendition ,

Public Member Functions

 RenditionAction (OperationType operation, Okular::Movie *movie, enum ScriptType scriptType, const QString &script)
 ~RenditionAction () override
QString actionTip () const override
ActionType actionType () const override
ScreenAnnotationannotation () const
Okular::Moviemovie () const
OperationType operation () const
QString script () const
ScriptType scriptType () const
void setAnnotation (ScreenAnnotation *annotation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Okular::Action
virtual ~Action ()
QVariant nativeId () const
QVector< Action * > nextActions () const
void setNativeId (const QVariant &id)
void setNextActions (const QVector< Action * > &actions)

Detailed Description

The Rendition action executes an operation on a video or executes some JavaScript code on activation.

0.16 (KDE 4.10)

Definition at line 499 of file action.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ OperationType

Describes the possible operation types.


Execute only the JavaScript.


Start playing the video.


Stop playing the video.


Pause the video.


Resume playing the video.

Definition at line 505 of file action.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RenditionAction()

RenditionAction::RenditionAction ( OperationType operation,
Okular::Movie * movie,
enum ScriptType scriptType,
const QString & script )

Creates a new rendition action.

operationThe type of operation the action executes.
movieThe movie object the action references.
scriptTypeThe type of script the action executes.
scriptThe actual script the action executes.

Definition at line 516 of file action.cpp.

◆ ~RenditionAction()

RenditionAction::~RenditionAction ( )

Destroys the rendition action.

Definition at line 521 of file action.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ actionTip()

QString RenditionAction::actionTip ( ) const

Returns the action tip.

Reimplemented from Okular::Action.

Definition at line 530 of file action.cpp.

◆ actionType()

Action::ActionType RenditionAction::actionType ( ) const

Returns the action type.

Implements Okular::Action.

Definition at line 525 of file action.cpp.

◆ annotation()

ScreenAnnotation * RenditionAction::annotation ( ) const

Returns the annotation or 0 if no annotation has been set.

Definition at line 584 of file action.cpp.

◆ movie()

Okular::Movie * RenditionAction::movie ( ) const

Returns the movie object or 0 if no movie object was set on construction time.

Definition at line 560 of file action.cpp.

◆ operation()

RenditionAction::OperationType RenditionAction::operation ( ) const

Returns the operation type.

Definition at line 554 of file action.cpp.

◆ script()

QString RenditionAction::script ( ) const

Returns the script code.

Definition at line 572 of file action.cpp.

◆ scriptType()

ScriptType RenditionAction::scriptType ( ) const

Returns the type of script.

Definition at line 566 of file action.cpp.

◆ setAnnotation()

void RenditionAction::setAnnotation ( ScreenAnnotation * annotation)

Sets the annotation that is associated with the rendition action.

Definition at line 578 of file action.cpp.

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