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 COkular::ActionEncapsulates data that describes an action
 COkular::BrowseActionThe Browse action browses an url by opening a web browser or email client, depending on the url protocol (e.g
 COkular::DocumentActionThe DocumentAction action contains an action that is performed on the current document
 COkular::ExecuteActionThe Execute action executes an external application
 COkular::GotoActionThe Goto action changes the viewport to another page or loads an external document
 COkular::MovieActionThe Movie action executes an operation on a video on activation
 COkular::RenditionActionThe Rendition action executes an operation on a video or executes some JavaScript code on activation
 COkular::ScriptActionThe Script action executes a Script code
 COkular::SoundActionThe Sound action plays a sound on activation
 COkular::AnnotationAnnotation struct holds properties shared by all annotations
 COkular::MovieAnnotationMovie annotation
 COkular::RichMediaAnnotationRichMedia annotation
 COkular::ScreenAnnotationScreen annotation
 COkular::SoundAnnotationSound annotation
 COkular::WidgetAnnotationWidget annotation
 COkular::AnnotationProxyNative annotation interface
 COkular::AnnotationUtilsHelper class for (recursive) annotation retrieval/storage
 COkular::CertificateStoreA helper class to store information about x509 certificate
 COkular::ConfigInterfaceAbstract interface for configuration control
 COkular::TextDocumentGeneratorQTextDocument-based Generator
 COkular::DocumentInfoThe DocumentInfo structure can be filled in by generators to display metadata about the currently opened file
 COkular::DocumentObserverBase class for objects being notified when something changes
 COkular::DocumentViewportA view on the document
 COkular::EmbeddedFileAn embedded file into the document
 COkular::ExportFormatDefines an entry for the export menu
 COkular::FontInfoA small class that represents the information of a font
 COkular::FormFieldThe base interface of a form field
 COkular::FormFieldButtonInterface of a button form field
 COkular::FormFieldChoiceInterface of a choice form field
 COkular::FormFieldSignatureInterface of a signature form field
 COkular::FormFieldTextInterface of a text form field
 CKXMLGUIClient [external]
 COkular::GuiInterfaceAbstract interface for user interface control
 COkular::MovieContains information about a movie object
 COkular::NewSignatureDataData needed to create a new signature
 COkular::NormalizedPointNormalizedPoint is a helper class which stores the coordinates of a normalized point
 COkular::NormalizedRectA NormalizedRect is a rectangle which can be defined by two NormalizedPoints
 COkular::ObjectRectAn area with normalized coordinates that contains a reference to an object
 COkular::AnnotationObjectRectThis class describes the object rectangle for an annotation
 COkular::NonOwningObjectRectThis class is an object rect that doesn't own the given pointer, i.e
 COkular::SourceRefObjectRectThis class describes the object rectangle for a source reference
 COkular::PageCollector for all the data belonging to a page
 COkular::PageSizeA small class that represents the size of a page
 COkular::PageTransitionInformation object for the transition effect of a page
 COkular::PixmapRequestDescribes a pixmap type request
 COkular::PrintInterfaceAbstract interface for advanced printing control
 CQDomNode [external]
 CQDomDocument [external]
 COkular::DocumentSynopsisA DOM tree that describes the Table of Contents
 CQList [external]
 COkular::RegularArea< NormalizedRect, QRect >
 COkular::RegularAreaRectThis is a list of NormalizedRect, to describe an area consisting of multiple rectangles using normalized coordinates
 COkular::HighlightAreaRectThis class stores the geometry of a highlighting area in normalized coordinates, together with highlighting specific information
 CQList< NormalizedShape > [external]
 COkular::RegularArea< NormalizedShape, Shape >An area with normalized coordinates, consisting of NormalizedShape objects
 CQObject [external]
 CKCoreConfigSkeleton [external]
 CKConfigSkeleton [external]
 COkular::AudioPlayerAn audio player
 COkular::BookmarkManagerBookmarks manager utility
 COkular::DocumentThe Document
 COkular::Generator[Abstract Class] The information generator
 COkular::TextDocumentGeneratorQTextDocument-based Generator
 CQWidget [external]
 COkular::PrintOptionsWidgetAbstract base class for an extra print options widget in the print dialog
 COkular::DefaultPrintOptionsWidgetThe default okular extra print options widget
 COkular::TextDocumentSettingsWidgetHere is example of how you can add custom settings per-backend:
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 COkular::HighlightAnnotation::QuadDescribes a highlight quad of a text markup annotation
 COkular::Annotation::RevisionAll information about the revision of the annotation
 COkular::SaveInterfaceAbstract interface for saving
 COkular::SoundContains information about a sound object
 COkular::SourceReferenceDefines a source reference
 COkular::Annotation::StyleAll information about style of the annotation
 COkular::TextEntityRepresents a piece of text on a TextPage, containing its textual representation and its bounding box
 COkular::TextPageRepresents the textual information of a Page
 COkular::TextRequestDescribes a text request
 COkular::TextSelectionWrapper around the information needed to generate the selection area
 COkular::TileThis class represents a rectangular portion of a page
 COkular::UtilsGeneral utility functions
 COkular::ViewView on the document
 COkular::ViewerInterfaceAbstract interface for controlling advanced features of a document viewer
 COkular::VisiblePageRectAn area of a specified page
 COkular::Annotation::WindowAll information about the popup window of the annotation that is used to edit the content and properties
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