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Okular::DocumentSynopsis Class Reference

#include <document.h>

Inheritance diagram for Okular::DocumentSynopsis:

Public Member Functions

 DocumentSynopsis ()
 DocumentSynopsis (const QDomDocument &document)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QDomDocument
 QDomDocument (const QDomDocument &x)
 QDomDocument (const QDomDocumentType &doctype)
 QDomDocument (const QString &name)
QDomAttr createAttribute (const QString &name)
QDomAttr createAttributeNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &qName)
QDomCDATASection createCDATASection (const QString &value)
QDomComment createComment (const QString &value)
QDomDocumentFragment createDocumentFragment ()
QDomElement createElement (const QString &tagName)
QDomElement createElementNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &qName)
QDomEntityReference createEntityReference (const QString &name)
QDomProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction (const QString &target, const QString &data)
QDomText createTextNode (const QString &value)
QDomDocumentType doctype () const const
QDomElement documentElement () const const
QDomElement elementById (const QString &elementId)
QDomNodeList elementsByTagName (const QString &tagname) const const
QDomNodeList elementsByTagNameNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &localName)
QDomImplementation implementation () const const
QDomNode importNode (const QDomNode &importedNode, bool deep)
QDomNode::NodeType nodeType () const const
QDomDocumentoperator= (const QDomDocument &x)
bool setContent (const QByteArray &buffer, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
bool setContent (const QByteArray &data, bool namespaceProcessing, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
ParseResult setContent (const QByteArray &data, ParseOptions options)
bool setContent (const QString &text, bool namespaceProcessing, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
bool setContent (const QString &text, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
ParseResult setContent (QAnyStringView text, ParseOptions options)
bool setContent (QIODevice *dev, bool namespaceProcessing, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
bool setContent (QIODevice *dev, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
ParseResult setContent (QIODevice *device, ParseOptions options)
bool setContent (QXmlStreamReader *reader, bool namespaceProcessing, QString *errorMsg, int *errorLine, int *errorColumn)
ParseResult setContent (QXmlStreamReader *reader, ParseOptions options)
QByteArray toByteArray (int indent) const const
QString toString (int indent) const const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QDomNode
 QDomNode (const QDomNode &n)
QDomNode appendChild (const QDomNode &newChild)
QDomNamedNodeMap attributes () const const
QDomNodeList childNodes () const const
void clear ()
QDomNode cloneNode (bool deep) const const
int columnNumber () const const
QDomNode firstChild () const const
QDomElement firstChildElement (const QString &tagName, const QString &namespaceURI) const const
bool hasAttributes () const const
bool hasChildNodes () const const
QDomNode insertAfter (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &refChild)
QDomNode insertBefore (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &refChild)
bool isAttr () const const
bool isCDATASection () const const
bool isCharacterData () const const
bool isComment () const const
bool isDocument () const const
bool isDocumentFragment () const const
bool isDocumentType () const const
bool isElement () const const
bool isEntity () const const
bool isEntityReference () const const
bool isNotation () const const
bool isNull () const const
bool isProcessingInstruction () const const
bool isSupported (const QString &feature, const QString &version) const const
bool isText () const const
QDomNode lastChild () const const
QDomElement lastChildElement (const QString &tagName, const QString &namespaceURI) const const
int lineNumber () const const
QString localName () const const
QDomNode namedItem (const QString &name) const const
QString namespaceURI () const const
QDomNode nextSibling () const const
QDomElement nextSiblingElement (const QString &tagName, const QString &namespaceURI) const const
QString nodeName () const const
NodeType nodeType () const const
QString nodeValue () const const
void normalize ()
bool operator!= (const QDomNode &n) const const
QTextStreamoperator<< (QTextStream &str, const QDomNode &node)
QDomNodeoperator= (const QDomNode &n)
bool operator== (const QDomNode &n) const const
QDomDocument ownerDocument () const const
QDomNode parentNode () const const
QString prefix () const const
QDomNode previousSibling () const const
QDomElement previousSiblingElement (const QString &tagName, const QString &namespaceURI) const const
QDomNode removeChild (const QDomNode &oldChild)
QDomNode replaceChild (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &oldChild)
void save (QTextStream &stream, int indent, EncodingPolicy encodingPolicy) const const
void setNodeValue (const QString &v)
void setPrefix (const QString &pre)
QDomAttr toAttr () const const
QDomCDATASection toCDATASection () const const
QDomCharacterData toCharacterData () const const
QDomComment toComment () const const
QDomDocument toDocument () const const
QDomDocumentFragment toDocumentFragment () const const
QDomDocumentType toDocumentType () const const
QDomElement toElement () const const
QDomEntity toEntity () const const
QDomEntityReference toEntityReference () const const
QDomNotation toNotation () const const
QDomProcessingInstruction toProcessingInstruction () const const
QDomText toText () const const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QDomDocument
enum  ParseOption
- Public Types inherited from QDomNode
enum  EncodingPolicy
enum  NodeType
- Public Attributes inherited from QDomDocument
typedef ParseOptions
- Public Attributes inherited from QDomNode

Detailed Description

A DOM tree that describes the Table of Contents.

The Synopsis (TOC or Table Of Contents for friends) is represented via a dom tree where each node has an internal name (displayed in the TOC) and one or more attributes.

In the tree the tag name is the 'screen' name of the entry. A tag can have attributes. Here follows the list of tag attributes with meaning:

  • Destination: A string description of the referred viewport
  • DestinationName: A 'named reference' to the viewport that must be converted using metaData( "NamedViewport", viewport_name )
  • ExternalFileName: A document to be opened, whose destination is specified with Destination or DestinationName
  • Open: a boolean saying whether its TOC branch is open or not (default: false)
  • URL: a URL to be open as destination; if set, no other Destination* or ExternalFileName entry is used

Definition at line 1483 of file document.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DocumentSynopsis() [1/2]

DocumentSynopsis::DocumentSynopsis ( )

Creates a new document synopsis object.


Definition at line 6008 of file document.cpp.

◆ DocumentSynopsis() [2/2]

DocumentSynopsis::DocumentSynopsis ( const QDomDocument & document)

Creates a new document synopsis object with the given document as parent node.

Definition at line 6014 of file document.cpp.

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